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    ₹1.50 l
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Training & internships

Summer Internship - The Concept

Summer Internship is an integral part of the PGP course at Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode. During their first year, students are trained in functional areas of Marketing, Finance, Consulting, Economics, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management, Operations and Information Technology which orient them towards a business culture. The courses aim at molding their work ethic and developing skills highly valued by the contemporary industry.

At the completion of the first year in PGP course, students spend 8-10 weeks during the summer in the industry. Students are exposed to a real time business environment, and take up responsibilities and goals which aim at being mutually beneficial for both the student and the organization. It serves as a platform for applying the management theories learnt in the classroom and helps in providing clarity about the functional area that they desire to specialize in. Internships thus have a crucial influence on the career path and choice of organization by a student.