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  • Hostel For Male

    The hostel room is on sharing basis of 2 students. so we get 2 chairs, 2 tables,2 Almari, 2 bed, 2 mattresses, and 2 books stand in a room. Food quality is good. The registration process is easy and it can be done by the management department. I never search for pg/college so I don't have knowledge about that.

    Hostel Fees per semester
    • Hostel Fees (Male)
      1.23 L - 1.52 L
    • Hostel Fees (Female)
      1.23 L - 1.52 L
    Hostel For Female

    There is curfew timing for the both the girls and the boys. The girls and boys have to be inside the university by 10pm and student is allowed to loiter outside the university premises beyond the mentioned time. This is to maintain the safety of the students and make sure we are safe and sound. After that we have attendance roll call daily taken by the wardens to ensure that all the students are inside the university gates. If we want to go to the city to do anything/whatever be the purpose, then we have to get an out pass from the warden. The hostel rules are hassle free and can be complied to easily. Both the male and female wardens are super friendly, and we can share our personal stories with them without loss of confidentiality.

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    Top Alumni

    Nitin Jain
    B. Tech (ECE), 2011-15 Batch


    Naman Sukhija
    B. Tech (CE), 2012-16 Batch
    Designer & Certifier, Passive House Institute, Germany


    Apoorv Shikhar
    B. Tech (CE), 2013-17 Batch
    Junior Research Fellow, GB Pant National Institute of Himalayan Environment, Uttarakhand

    Training & internships

    The team facilitates Summer Internship for the students of Institute of Management and Practice School 1 (PS-1) and Practice School 2 (PS-2) for the students of Institute of Engineering and Technology.

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