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Hostel For Male

IPE Hyderabad facilities and infrastructure include separate hostels for boys on the campus premises. For hostel accommodation, preference is given to the outstation students on first-cum-first serve basis. The boys’ hostel has several facilities in the hostel well-maintained food court that serves breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner. Kiosks are provided to meet the requirements of the students. The food committee, which is made up of student representatives, decides on the weekly menu, which caters to the tastes of students from all across India. On-campus, there are in-house laundry facilities.

Hostel Fees per semester
  • Hostel Fees (Male)
  • Hostel Fees (Female)
Hostel For Female

The institute has separate hostels for girls on the campus. Outstation students are given priority for hostel accommodations on a first-come, first-served basis. The hostel features numerous amenities, including a well-kept food court that provides breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and supper. Kiosks are available to cater to the needs of students. The weekly menu is decided by the food committee, which is made up of student representatives and caters to the tastes of students from all across India. Laundry facilities are available on campus.

Training & internships

The rise in global competition has prompted organizations to devise strategies to have a talented and innovative workforce to gain a competitive edge. Developing an internship policy is an impactful strategy for creating a future talent pool for the industry. The Internship program not only helps fresh pass-outs in gaining professional know-how but also benefits, corporate on fresh perspectives on business issues and even discovering future business leaders. Competition in the job sector is rising exponentially and securing entry-level jobs is getting very difficult, as the students passing out from management institutions lack the experience and skills required by industry. IPE has initiated various activities for promoting industrial internship at the postgraduate level in management institutes. The main aim of these initiatives is enhancement of the employability skills of the students passing out from Management Institutions.

Internships may be full-time or part-time; they are full-time in the summer vacation and part-time during the academic session, students are also encouraged to take online short-term projects on the Internshala Platform, without disturbing the day-to-day academics activities. Therefore, opportunities must be provided for experiences that cannot be anticipated when planning the course. IPE has the flexibility to schedule conferences, workshops, Project work and Seminar etc.

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