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Hostel Fees per semester
  • Hostel Fees (Male)
    ₹35.50 k - ₹ 55 k
  • Hostel Fees (Female)
    ₹35.50 k - ₹ 55 k
Training & internships

A. Project Semester/Training
All students of various engineering disciplines are required to spend atleast five months in the industry completing an industrial project under the joint supervision of industry supervisors and TIETU faculty. This provides a system of education that formally integrates academic studies with related work experience
Mechatronics, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering Sixth Semester (Pre-final Year) students, January-June.
Civil,Bio-Tech and Chemical Engineering Seventh Semester (Final year) students, July-December.
Computer Science, Electronics Communication, Electrical and Electronics (Inst and Control). Eighth Semester (Final year) students, January-June.
Similarly the students of MCA do a System Development Project (SDP) of minimum duration of five months in their last semester of their course in January-June.
The students of M.Sc (Biotechnology) spend a six weeks summer training in the industry after first year in June-July.
Students from M.E/M.tech all branches can do One Year Internship in Industry from July- June every year.
MBA students go for 2 months training at the end of first year i.e May - July every year.
B.6/8 weeks of training for BE Pre-final year Students
Students from all branches except BE/B.tech-BioTech,Civil and Chemical are allowed to do 6/8 weeks training during their vacations strating from June after 3rd year in industrial organization.

Placement Stats 2019
  • Companies Visiting
  • Highest Package
    INR 30 LPA
  • Avg Package
    INR 10.97 LPA