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  • Hostel For Male

    UPES Hostel For Male Fee₹1.57 lakh

    Hostel Fees per semester
    • Hostel Fees (Male)
      1.57 Lakh
    • Hostel Fees (Female)
      1.57 l & 1.98 Lakh
    Hostel For Female

    UPES Hostel For Female Fee₹1.57 l - ₹ 1.98 lakh


    • Rs.1,57,500/- Regular hostel for boys and girls at Bidholi and Kandoli campus.

    However, for girl students we also have a few additional triple sharing rooms with ad-on facilities only at the Kandoli campus as indicated below:

    1. Rs.1,75,750/- for hostel room with attached washroom
    2. Rs.1,97,750/- for hostel room with attached washroom and Air conditioning

    Interest free refundable Hostel Security Fee: Rs.10,000/-

    Fill this form if you have any query regarding hostel
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    Margan Sinha,  Btech -2013 "Senior Deputy Collector at Jehanabad, Bihar".

    Sparsh Raj Gupta, Btech-2016 "Xebia as a DevOps Consultant".

    Sreeperna, Btech "Lockheed Martin Payload Design".

    Training & internships


    UPES believes in imparting skills that are high in demand and extremely important for a successful career. These soft skills will set you apart from the rest.
    EDGE, a platform for limitless possibilities, is an acronym for Enhanced Development Growth and Enrichment program. EDGE supports students in their chosen field with a focus on key action areas, such as Entrepreneurship, Exam Pathways, and Employability. This exposes students to a wide array of activities that help them prepare for various competitive exams and excel professionally. Some added benefits of this program are focusing on enhanced reading, comprehending and analytical writing capability, developing critical reasoning analysis, and understanding analogies and their implementation. These skills help students transform into a specialised workforce with a more focused, holistic thought process and entrepreneurship skills. EDGE helps students stand out in a

    Academia - industory Connect


    This partnership with IBM to co-brand 16 programs jointly with the Centre of Information Technology is the largest partnership of this nature for the company. The tie-up entails 30% face-to-face interactions between IBM experts and UPES students, project-based learning.


    UPES and KPMG in India will co-design and co-deliver MBA Strategy and Consulting at the School of Business. KPMG in India will also co-deliver MBA Business Analytics, being already offered at the School of Business. MBA aspirants will have access to KPMG subject matter experts.


    The association with Microsoft has resulted in setting up of an Artificial Intelligence lab at UPES that gives students access to the content of the Intelligent Cloud Hub (ICH) program.


    UPES in partnership with Germany-based science and tech company Merck Life Science Private Limited will provide hands-on training to students for scientific skill development.


    UPES, through its collaboration with pioneering IT consultancy Xebia, launched two new co-branded programs in DevOps and Big Data. Xebia mentors provide training to UPES faculty and students.

    Placement Stats 2021
    • Companies Visiting 2021
      IBM, L&T, Infosys, Xebia, Bosch, Nestle, Panasonic, Reliance and many more.
    • Highest Package 2021
      50 Lpa