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6 tips on why humanities after class 10?

In this article, we will discuss some of the tips as to why we should choose humanities as a stream after class 10th. 6 TIPS ON WHY CHOOSE HUMANITIES AFTER CLASS 10TH. There is a majority of the advice which you will hear from elders is that you should choose the science stream after 10th or in a few cases of commerce. However, in very rare cases, is the situation where you will listen favorably about humanities stream, popularly known as arts stream.

But have you ever wondered why is it so? The main reason behind this is that the science stream is the oldest stream that is opened for students from a long time back. Commerce stream opened up a little bit later while the humanities stream gained the ground some time back. To break the prejudice related to this stream, we will look through some of the reasons why you choose humanities after class 10th as your major stream.

Unchallengeable Communication skills

Many people in this society face problems in the communication process. This also includes the people from science and commerce background as well. The humanities stream is such a road that helps you to communicate through several activities and opportunities. If you want your views to be known by the world or you are proud of your communication skills, you can go for this field, either under journalism or any news field or law or so on as this stream provides huge career opportunities under every skill set. You can have a strong command over your communication skills which will help you to understand the words of the people well as well as their intentions and meanings behind those words.  

Walt Disney’s Creativity

You all must be aware of Walt Disney. Yes, you are thinking it right. He is the one who made your childhood awesome with those lovely cartoons. But have you ever thought about his level of creativity? How he managed to relate with the wants and needs of the children and at the same time looked for his needs too? Humanities is such a stream that helps students to relate to real-life situations and inculcate creativity in them to apply that skill whenever needed. So, if you think you have creativity in you and you want to use it in real-life problems, then there is no other stream better than this for you to opt after class 10th. You can also check out 7 Reasons Why Class 10 Students Need Counseling

Updation with society

Yes. There are a lot of things which usually occur in a society and its effects may or may not be on us. So, to keep yourself aware of such situations and the methods related to getting out of such situations is this stream only. Humanities, if chosen after class 10th, helps you to keep updated with the society on a daily basis and helps you to know the past or you can the roots of the situation which is standing in an active mode presently. If you think that you can get updated with the news and social media channels, then you are thinking inadequately. The skill of analyzing is best taught in this stream.

Connection with affairs

Connection with affairs is what we relate to the updation of society. The updation of society matters most to live in the present societal incidents happening not just around you but all around the world. In order to analyze a problem or an incident, you need to start from the roots of that incident. Only if you do this, you will be able to form a linkage with affairs. This can be best proved by the role of police officers who study law and join this post. Law, a field of Humanities stream helps a student to know the methods of analyzing and the journey to start from roots to the apex of the problem. You can also read out 10 Recommended Books For Every Class 10 Students

Popular Fields

Another reason to choose humanities is this only. You need to get aware of the fact that most of the popular fields go through the stream of humanities. Whether it is the field of CBI or any other field under the umbrella of CSE, most of the competitive examinations and fields hold the syllabus of the knowledge provided in this stream. So, if you are the one who wants to go for such reputed government jobs or positions, you can choose humanities as your major stream after class 10th.

Studying art is in art

Indeed the point. To study art is an art in itself. To elaborate this, let us go through an example. To understand a political agenda, you need to have prior knowledge of politics, i.e. its rules and regulations or the consequences and effects and so on. Similarly, to become a judge and give judgments, you need to have full command over the constitution so that you know what laws are broken. Thus, to study these disciplines, you need to have knowledge that is provided under this stream after class 10th. Here’s are 8 ways to prepare for class 10 exam

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