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7 career tips to pursue BBA after 12th

7 career tips to pursue BBA after 10th BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration and it is one of the most popular courses in the field of Commerce. Due to its popularity, many parents and peers do not advise students to take up Bachelor of Business Administration as they think it is a course that is extremely common, and hence, the student will have difficulty in landing a job and making a future out of it. However, only one of that is true. It is true that BBA after 12th is pursued by a lot of students across the globe and especially in India but that does not mean we can discredit it..

It is still as valuable and important as it would have been if not many students pursued it. In fact, Bachelor of Business Administration can lead to a variety of career opportunities and can even push students further into pursuing entrepreneurship. If students are really interested in the field of Commerce, business, management, and administration, then BBA is a perfect choice for them. In this article, you will mention a few career tips to pursue BBA after the 12th.

Board Results

It is the unspoken fact of school life that your board results will matter your entire life. From college admissions to landing jobs, classs 10th and 12th board examination results should be such that they always work in your favor. For students who want to pursue BBA, subjects such as business, English communication, and accountancy matter more than the other subjects. Therefore, students must try to excel in these subjects and even score a great overall percentage to pursue a Bachelor of business administration program from top universities across the country.

Admission Criteria

Courses such as BBA, MBA, B.Com. depend a lot on the University you are seeking admission in. The value of your degree will increase a lot more if you pursue your education from a reputed college in India such as The Indian Institute of Management. There are no entrance exams to be written for the BBA course and the admission criteria are dependent completely on the 12th board results, and that is why earlier in this article we mentioned the importance of securing good marks in your boards.

Hard Work & Determination

Luck can only take you so far but at the end of the day, it is all about your hard work, determination, and focuses on the studies that will make you successful in your life. Many people disregard BBA as a course that is easy and often mislead students by telling them that it is easy to pass the various subjects in BBA just by studying the night before. Yes, it is possible to pass the subjects in BBA by studying the night before, but it is not possible to score good marks in it. Therefore, if you are aiming for mediocracy, then you can go ahead and study for the exam one night prior. However, if you are serious about your future and want to be successful in whatever you do, then you need to prepare for exams, or any other important things in college that carry weightage for your results in a proper, organized and focused manner.

Practical & Industrial Skills

Getting a degree is something that a lot of people can do in these times, what makes you stand out is how you apply your formal education into your daily life and how you use that education to build yourself a good life. For all of that, one needs practical skills as bookish knowledge will get you nowhere. There are various career paths available after a BBA graduation and students must try to get as many jobs or internship opportunities during their course of study as possible by enrolling in various internship programs according to their interests and getting work experience from it. This will also be a tremendous bonus for the resume of students as companies are willing to hire students who have both relevant skills and knowledge.


Graduation can be a big stepping-stone to success for students. It is all the greater for students of BBA because there are so many different opportunities that they can get right after the completion of their graduation. Therefore, to avail maximum benefits, students must try to score their best throughout the three years of their undergraduate program.

Career Opportunities

Since you are a BBA student, you obviously know everything there is to know about the business. However, if you also find yourself having a knack for other subjects such as accounts, then you can incorporate these subjects for landing your dream job since BBA students have a wide scope. If the account is what you are leaning towards, then you can very well become a finance manager by brushing up on your accountancy and finance skills. If communication and social environment in the office is more your game, feel free to work a job in the human resource sector. The opportunities are endless.

Higher Education

BBA is great, but MBA is greater. It is completely the student’s choice whether they want to pursue higher education or if they are satisfied with the course of life they have ongoing. However, if they feel that they might be denied opportunities later in life due to their lack of education, then MBA is a must.

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