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7 tips for career in journalism after 12th

Journalism is a very important aspect in today’s world. It is not only a crucial factor in spreading news but also has been a platform for a lot of creative people. Also, a career in journalism after 12th has grown and includes a number of sub-areas under it. These may include news reporter, newspaper, film making, photography and many more. It provides a candidate various options to find the career their heart calls for. It is astonishing that how the purest moment of a cricket match is shared without any delay or how the events happening overnight are served in the morning newspaper with a complimentary tea, isn’t it? We at CareerGuide have articulated this article for the Students who want to make a career in journalism after class 12th.

career in journalism after 12th

Essential Eligibility For any undergraduate course

Certain prerequisites are expected from the students. Students are also scrutinized on the basis of these prerequisites. For a student to be eligible for journalists, the student must have passed higher secondary certificate (H.S.C.) from any stream – Science, Commerce or Arts. The student is also scrutinized on the basis of the marks they secure in 12th boards. Therefore, it is very important for students who wish to opt for journalism as their future career choice should pay prime attention to their 12th studies.

Know the course and it’s present scenario

This is not only applicable for journalism but for all career in general. It is imperative that students should have a thorough idea of the financial status and job opportunities of their career. Always and always the pros and con should be properly studied. In journalism, students should know the different opportunities and the course length and fees for each of them. The students will be exposed to the real calling of their career once they have studied about all the career they have decided to choose. There is various way to become a journalist and students should be bestowed with the knowledge of all of these streams.

journalism after 12th

Bachelor in journalism

This is an undergraduate course that offers the students pursuing it the title of journalist once they have successfully completed this course. The duration of this course is 3 years and the basic requirement is passing the 12th board exams. In this course, the students are taught in detail about various subsets of journalism. Few of these subsets are report writing, history of journalism, research, editing and few more. As this is not a very specializing course in journalism, students usually apply for a masters degree in their chosen field. However, students who have done the only bachelor in journalism are often self-sufficient in terms of career stability. Make a note that for this course many universities conduct their entrance exam.

Bachelor in Mass Media (B.M.M.)

If you are curious about the entire phenomena of transmission of news and its alluring development with the aid of telecommunications, this course is the one that will benefit you the most. This course revolves around the entire concept of the use of media in the transmission of news as well as in conduction and recording. The students are taught about various subjects like the use of media. The course is more than theoretical knowledge and has a more practical approach to teaching. The eligibility for journalism of 12th board passing but few colleges might conduct an entrance exam.

career in journalism

Bachelor in journalism and Mass Communication (B.J.M.C.)

This is a 3-year undergraduate course that focuses on the practical aspect of journalism. Career opportunities for students who do mass communication are very high. The students can work on a news channel, newspaper, publishing house and many more. The eligibility is that the candidate must have passed H.S.C with good marks. Certain universities hold entrance exams and the students are given a rank based on this exam. The rank is used for admission.

Diploma in journalism

Rarely, students don’t have the time of 3 years to study before doing a job. Or a few students do prefer short term course. For those all who cannot afford a 3-year bachelor course, they can pursue a Diploma in journalism which is just a 1-year course. The students are taught about important aspects of journalism but in short. The eligibility is H.S.C. marks. Only very few University hold entrance exam.

career in journalism after 12th

Note your colleges

Once the students have decided which course they want to pursue, they will need to choose the right college. The college they want to choose should be suitable to their needs and have favourable factors regarding fees, location, travelling and stay if necessary. Also, the placement and experience play an important role. Few colleges are known for one course while others are known for others. It might be possible that the college which is best for B.M.M. might not be very good with respect to B.J.M.C. Students should be vigilant while choosing their desirable college. If students want more guidance on choosing the right college, they will surely find an article regarding this on CareerGuide.com.

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