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How to be an interior designer after 12th?

Contrary to popular belief, Interior designing is not only about decor. It is about people, and how they want to live. Interior designers are professionals who simply bring to life people’s desires and visions with their artistic touch. Being an interior designer requires a lot of skill and the ability to visualize like a machine. Here is article on How to be an interior designer after Class 12th

It also requires excellent communication skills as interior designers need to understand as well as explain their clients about their needs, conditions, budget, vision, and preference. You may or may not receive criticism when you decide to pursue a career in Interior Designing but pay no heed to such remarks as you will enjoy every bit of your work if you’re truly interested in it. Here, we mention the steps you need to take to become a practicing interior designer after 12th.

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Earn a Degree

There are plenty of colleges and institutions across India that offer a Bachelor of Design degree in interior designing that spans over a period of 4 years. After completing the bachelor’s degree in interior design for 4 years students can also choose to go for higher education by enrolling in a master’s program that you can pursue after 12th. The various subjects taught in the interior designing degree are freehand drawing, geometric constructionAutoCAD software, communication skills, and much more. Apart from gaining theoretical knowledge students also gain a lot of practical exposure by working on the field and various projects.

Find your calling

There are plenty of subfields in the interior design curriculum. Students just need to find their niche after they pursue their undergraduate degrees. Some of the specializations in interior design include furniture design, commercial designing, kitchen and bathroom designing, designing for the public sector, designing for organizations, restaurants, hospitals, lighting designers, designing for the corporate sector, airplane and yachts designers, and environmental designers, etc. are some of the many options. Whatever the students want to choose depends entirely on their interest and passion.

Develop your skills

When students find their calling and are completely sure about their specialization, they need to start developing their skills outside of college work. The biggest mistakes that students make is depending heavily on college and what is taught in college, what they fail to realize is that there is so much that is not taught in college and they need to acquire this knowledge by putting efforts by themselves and giving themselves an extra push by learning online or through various academies and courses that provide certifications, experience, project, and diplomas.

Build a Portfolio

A Portfolio is to design students what a resume is to professional courses students. No matter how good your marks and how impressive your scorecard is, it will not matter as much as your portfolio does. So, students need to be mindful when they take up projects and assignments. They should choose their work smartly, so it is something unique and built their portfolio. During the four-year undergraduate degree, many students take up plenty of projects and the only difference between you and the rest of the students is through your project. It should stand out and therefore, you must strive to take up challenging projects that little to no students have done before.

Get Experience

The vicious cycle that comes to play for students is that no organization is willing to hire students due to lack of experience and it is not possible to gain experience without working. To tackle such issues, the students are pretty much on their own and must gain experience single-handedly that will benefit their career. Instead of aiming for multimillion-dollar companies, students should try to focus on smaller projects and many students must start out by working for free. It may be disappointing to work for free but you should be content with the fact that you can help out much small business and nonprofit organizations by doing your part since they do not have the financial means to pay for a professional interior designer after 12th. Do not focus too much on the financial factor as much as you need to focus on the experience factor.

Land a Job

Once you have successfully gained experience by working for smaller companies and/or individuals and/or non-profit organizations, you have experience up your sleeve and there will be many companies willing to hire you now. Apply for jobs in companies that challenge you while interesting you because the second you start finding your job boring, you are done for.

Work on innovative projects

Explore different horizons of your job and do not be scared to venture out into the unknown and do a project that is outside your comfort zone. That is the only way you can become a professional at what you do. Therefore, take up innovative, challenging projects to grow as a designer.

Never stop growing

Even when you think you have mastered your skill and aced your profession, there is still plenty of room for growth. The world of design is a vast place and by choosing not to learn and grow we miss opportunities every day.

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