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9 tips before becoming a teacher after 12th

Teaching is a calling too. And I have always thought that teachers in their way are holy- angels leading their flocks out of the darkness.” – Jeannette Walls. A teacher is also known as a lecturer or professor, a lecture is someone who gives lectures, give instructions, and even teaches students as in educating them about many things. Teaching is one of the most valued career options, it has the largest working profession all over the globe. Being a teacher is a very responsible job and it’s all above teaching good values to children in life. Teach all the children about the right and wrong of society. So, here are some tips for a teacher to follow in their professional life.

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Why are lecturers or teachers Important?

They teach students the basic knowledge, tell them how to behave in a particular manner, teach them how to respect their parents, how to share and care, etc. Teachers teach their students how to cope up, how to manage, hoe to multi-task. They teach them some essential life needed things like- Reading, Writing, Drawing, and much other life needed lessons.

There are many types of teachers, who teach in different fields and the students learn a lot from different teachers since the kids started their school’s teachers have been like their 3rd nature parent, who takes care of them a teaches them great values and morals. Without teachers it’s hard to look at life, teachers shape us up and mold us to adapt to this world’s changes, and help us grow up. There are even special teachers for special students- there are teachers for handicapped students, teachers for disabled learners, for visually impaired or teachers for hearing impaired students.


Exams to be a teacher

There are many entrance exams to choose from if you want to be a teacher. There different tests to be given to be any particular standard teacher. So, there are particular entrance exams for future teachers to choose from if they want to teach any particular standard. There are 5 entrance exams provided by the government like- TET- (Teachers eligibility test), CTET- (Central Level Teachers Eligibility Test), STET- (State Level Eligibility), SET- (State Level Eligibility Test), NET- (National Eligibility Test), GATE- (Graduate Aptitude Test). These are the few exams that students can wish to give to be able to pursue a teaching or lecturing career.

Some teaching courses

There some training courses also available which also allows you or gives you an opportunity to be a teacher. Also, There are 4 teacher training courses available- Basic Training Certificate (BTC), Teacher Training Certificate (TTC), or Diploma in Education (D.Ed). There are many more teaching courses not only in India but also in foreign countries. There’s a vast cultural difference if you learn or earn a diploma or course certificate from a foreign university or college so, you may find it a tad bit difficult if you use their methods of teaching in our school or colleges and vice versa. These teaching certificates allows you to get a job at any government schools or colleges, or in any private schools and colleges. But even with these teacher training courses you still need to pass the entrance exams to get a job of your liking.

Few things to know if you are going to be a teacher or lecturer-


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Prepare yourself

When you become a teacher and you are supposed to start working from tomorrow. You need to always remember that you need to prepare yourself with all the possible answers to the questions the children may ask. Your one answer determines what a child learns, you need to be patient with the pace by which the students learning or understanding. So, brace yourself and teach with your heart.


Respect your work

Respecting your work doesn’t exactly mean ‘work’ but students and their parents. When you do that you feel very open and happy to work the kids, parents also play an important role for you, they make your work just a little bit easier. More the corporative parents, the better learning a child will receive. They teach students to respect teachers and teachers teach the children to respect their parents, a little circle of resecting which teaches us what comes around, goes around.


Build a certain skillset

Building skills not only in you but also in the children is a responsible job as a teacher. Teaching them various things like- how to study to how to organize their work. They teach them how to present their work in an appropriate manner and many more things.

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Understand the parents

This is one of the soft spot tips for a teacher need to learn to understand, they need to think through the parent’s perspective to understand their worries and help them cope up with them by teaching their children what their parents what them to learn.


Time Management

One of the most important tips for a teacher you may never get time for yourself, as you need to be in school or college the whole day and only to come back home to prepare for the very next day so it gets a lot exhausting for the teachers itself. So, it is necessary for them to learn how to manage time to take care of themselves.

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