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Business Administration, is involved with business. The administration keeps an eye and supervises as well as determines all the business operations that takes place in a company or an organization. It focuses on many fields all together like- Finance, management, marketing, business law, accounting principles and all the projects. To have a career in Business Administration students need to finish their Bachelor’s in Business Administration- (BBA). The Bachelor’s in Business Administration- (BBA) is all about finance, accounting, statics and management. This course allows you to understand and gain the practical perspective of the business world. BBA is one of the most popular courses taken up by students, and there is a large scope of career in this field. Here are all about the 7 tips for business administration after 12th.

Business refers to the production, distribution, and exchange of goods and services in the marketplace. It is an economic activity that involves the creation, operation, and management of businesses and organizations that produce or sell goods and services. Business activities can range from small-scale entrepreneurship to multinational corporations, and they may be conducted in a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, retail, finance, and healthcare.

Why is BBA Important?

BBA is an important course because the world revolves around business companies. This course teaches you various stuff which helps you in your future working life, this course evokes certain business skills which is very helpful for students, some skills like- Improvement in you communication skills enhancing your leadership skills, prompt decision making skills, how to think more critically and adapt certain problem solving skills as well as negotiation skills. Students get a lot of exposure and experience especially practical experience. These are some of the facts which shows as to why Bachelors degree in Business administration is important and needed.


There are many other benefits too of pursuing this course, students get an in depth and better understanding of this course as well as the business world. It focuses on practical knowledge and in performing of different activities. This course also includes some factory and corporate visits which gives you a powerful insight and idea of how people work in a company, how they face some challenges and work or fight their way out. It shows how an idea is what’s needed, and then rest is working you way up to accomplishing that idea. These are some informative benefits which students acquire if they study this program.


Bachelor’s in Business Administration- (BBA), is an undergraduate degree and a 3 years long program which consists of 6 semesters. Students can pursue this degree by going to any universities or through distance education. Students who want to further study in business can also study Master’s in Business Admiration- (MBA). There are many universities that provides distance learning education, Students need to pass the entrance exams as well to be able to study this degree, entrance exam like- Symbiosis Entrance Exam- (SET), Indraprastha University Common Entrance Exam- (IPU CET), OR All India Management Association Under Graduate Aptitude Test- (AIMA UGAT). Students can pursue this degree in foreign universities or colleges as well as there is a better educational scope as well as career opportunity in foreign countries.


Students who want to secure their admission in any of their desired universities they should fulfill all the eligibility criteria as in- Students should be 12th pass with minimum 55% to 60% from any recognized universities or colleges.  The age limit also important for this course, the students age not be less than 17 and not more than 25, only the age between this is eligible to apply for this degree. They should have passed their entrance exams as well then only will they be eligible for this course.


There are many universities or colleges in India but there are many more in foreign countries which provide this course with much better advancements. Some of the entrance exams are provided in some of the universities for all the Indian provided entrance exams. Students who wish to study in abroad should be prepared and on alert for foreign universities or colleges, so that they can get faster admissions in their desired universities. Some of the top Bachelor’s in Business Administration- (BBA) universities are-

In Mumbai, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies

Bangalore, Christ University

In Sonepat, Jindal Global Business Schools

Hyderabad, ICFAI Business Schools

In Gurgaon, JK Business School

And many other universities are there.


There is a wide scope of opportunity in the terms of career, Bachelor’s in Business Administration- (BBA) is one of the most demanded in both educational as well as career wise. There are many job positions in this field like, students can be a Marketing Executive, HR Generalist, Financial Analyst, An Executive Assistant and Business Development Executive, Finance Manager, Researcher and Developmental Manager, Business consultant and Information Systems Manager etc. There are many more options in this course as a career field.


The salary usually depends on the individuals position in a company, their experience and their qualifications. As a fresher students might earn only about INR 2 Lakhs to INR 3 Lakhs.

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