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Science can be defined as diversity in terms of education as well as careers.it is a vast field has been divided into segments when we go for a depth analysis of a particular topic , as a part of our education we have studied science from primary classes, and coming to higher education and our intermediate we opt science as a stream to get education and focus on a particular field related to our basic subject which is science , after completing our school education when we actually decide to make science as our future and built our careers in science then  the task come to every individual is  what field should we choose for our graduation and our careers? 

While opting science for future education and careers we should have knowledge about the different segments of science careers and the education we should take for that and how?

Here are fields related to science stream in which we can built our career,

  • Earth and environmental science
  • Physical science
  • Life science
  • Behavioral and social science
  • Interdisciplinary science
  • Maths and computer science
  • Human biology and health
  • Genetics and genomics.

We are having lot of universities worldwide with lots of education programs to deal in these fields and we can find a lot of opportunities and new ideas for our careers in this field,



As by name earth science means the science and study of earth and environmental science, which is distributed further in study and research related to the environment and factors affecting the environment for career related to environment science and for earth science we also a list of fields and research study on which todays professionals are working. And the career opportunities we can built in earth and environmental science can be as –

Environmental scientist-The person who deals with the research and study of our nature and the components and factors which affect our environment. They look after how human activity is affecting our surroundings and how we can provide solution for such problems.

Biologist- biologist work with wildlife, marine life and vegetation. They study about the composition and structure of living organism (flora and fauna).Biologist work with the different life system of earth and these different works differentiate their profession, as marine biologist work for the life system of life under water basically, Marine biologist works for ocean life and wildlife biologist works for mammal, birds and amphibians.

Earth scientist- Earth scientist deals with the study related to earth and the structure found inside the earth, this field has its own segments and working zones such as-

Geologist- they study about the bed rocks and surface rocks, in geology career it works on the physical and chemical structure of rocks.

Geotechnical engineer– they study the soil strata and do research and calculation based in soil stability, for the construction of some buildings.

Soil scientist

soil scientist or pedologist do research and test to find soil value as natural resource. This includes soil formation factors, classification, physical, chemical and fertility properties. Pedology and edaphology are two main fields of soil science which works in the areas of crop productivity and also pipeline planning.


forestry careers deals with the specialization in plants conserve and harvest forest. This job deals with conservation of forest which exist in this world , to protect the flora and fauna species from external harms such as natural cause and manmade cause.


In this career agronomist deals with the science and technology used for plant production, growing of crops.In part of environment we have different direction to focus on which also leads to different career option such as-


meteorologist or atmospheric scientist deals with the study and analytical data for weather prediction and also issue warning for severe weather. They also analyze how weather affects human activity. Meteorologist is basically grouped with climatologist and atmoshespheric scientist.

Hydro geologist

hydro geologist is specialist who works in part that how soils relate to rock and ground water.it includes environmental investigations and remediation by collecting groundwater samples, it has a importance in construction field also when it comes to building an infrastructure inside water then the project require a hydro geologist.


Ecologist work to find how organisms relate to each other in their physical environment. They asses the population dynamics built in natural environment. They conduct research work and studies of flora and fauna. These are the few career opportunities which we can find if choose a particular field to study as earth and environmental science and in the same way we have so many educational fields and variety of career opportunities in science.

Stream & Career Clarity

Stream and career clarity are related to understanding one’s interests, skills, and strengths to choose a suitable career path. Stream refers to the specific academic discipline or field of study that one selects after completing their secondary education. It lays the foundation for further education and career choices.

Career clarity, on the other hand, refers to having a clear understanding of one’s career aspirations and goals. It involves identifying one’s interests, values, personality traits, and strengths, and aligning them with the career options available. Career clarity helps individuals make informed decisions about their career path, and it can improve their job satisfaction and overall well-being.

Having a clear understanding of one’s stream and career goals can help individuals make better decisions about their academic and professional lives. It can help them choose the right courses, develop the required skills, and gain relevant experience to achieve their career goals. It also helps individuals to stay focused and motivated, and make the most of the opportunities available to them.

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