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Choose Sports as a career after 12th

Choose sports as a career after 12th.For many, sport is an enjoyable pastime but it can be a satisfying profession if one has a genuine passion for it. There are numerous paths in a career to combine one’s passion for athletics. In addition to becoming a truly successful sportsperson, applicants should search for satisfying career prospects in areas such as sports journalism, sport management, adventure sports, sports medicine, and other events. Also, sportspeople with experience of several years are being approached to work in the field like sports goods, sports journalism, sports manufacturing, and marketing or commentator.here is an article on Choose sports as a career after 12th.

Eligibility for Sportsperson


The Sports Authority India was founded nationally to promote and improve sports skills among youngsters. SAI has divisions on the state level that introduce a range of schemes that support new athletes. There are various associations and councils at the state and national level set up to identify and develop sports talent in the nation. Below are the basic requirements to be eligible for a sports career:

UG courses: Completion of class 12th with any stream with aggregated marks at least 45% to 55%. There are also institutions needing compulsory subjects of physical education.

PG courses: Applicants should have at least 50-60% in graduation.

It is a must to remember that the above eligibility requirements are minimum and can differ from one organization to another.

Essential skills for Sportsperson

The following qualifications and abilities should be offered to applicants who are searching for a job in sports and related areas:

  • Determination
  • Enthusiasm
  • Sporting spirit
  • Passion for sports
  • Management skills
  • Patience
  • High energy
  • Stamina
  • Physical fitness
  • Time management skills

Scope for Sportsperson

Sports as a career provides a variety of employment prospects, some of which are presented below:

Sports equipment production

Advancement and expertise are a great blend and operate well in many sectors, including making athletic equipment. This is a very specialized field that involves innovative technologies developed to improve equipment for the natural talents of sportsmen. 

Great sports events like the Olympics, Asia, and the commonwealth constantly display revolutionary facilities, all of which are made better. There is a growing demand for sporting products and appliances. This is why experts are committed to market research and development.


After a person chooses to play a certain sport or practice sports as a career then its preparation takes priority over all else. A rigorous fitness schedule must be accompanied by a coach’s expert advice, along with a safe and balanced diet with expert guidance. The government promotes and recognizes those who excel in their sports professions in international sports meet and brings a reputation to the country. 

Actual performance is possibly limited, but a good stage opens up several other forms for a sportsperson who turns away from competitive sports because he or she is old. Positions are also given to sportsperson at the state and national level after they have retired from competitive sports.

Sports Commenting or Sports Journalism

An individual with good communication skills can easily become a famous commentator. Sports journalism certainly has arisen as a high-paying career with its exponential rise in TV, newspapers or magazines, and other publications. 

Numerous TV channels like Zee SportsStar Sports, Ten Sports, ESPN, and DD Sports are available that are only devoted to sports programs.

Private Sector Opportunities

Raising knowledge of health and participation has contributed to the rapid expansion of sports clubs across the globe. From basic coaching to professionally fitted coaching for the elite and the professional groups has been established.

Such clubs are private and holders choose sports and recreation clubs to be managed by individuals with experience in related sporting fields. These positions are followed by various logistical duties.

People who work in these fields need to have strong management skills, since they need to speak to several people who want to use the services provided by the club and many sportspeople to be called coaches, suppliers of equipment, etc.

Sports Teacher

With growing numbers of schools with sports activity and parents recognizing the importance of physical exercise, this choice has now become more significant. Most parents support schools that give their children a balanced education including sports such as cycling, archery, yoga, and horse riding, and training of other sports.

As more Indian sportsmen and women are becoming popular and known on the global scene, many parents are happy to give their wards a chance to prove their potential in sports. Students may therefore be able to assess where their capacity rests in educational institutions.

This has contributed to increased job opportunities in this area. This could be very fun and rewarding work for someone who loves outdoor adventures and meeting young people. In addition to educational establishments, several private clubs recruit coaching coaches for youth organizations. This may be special holiday batches or even regular batches. Even inspiring sportspeople use their own trainers to maximize their efficiency and maximize their output. 

The coach is responsible for drawing up various preparation plans in this scenario that helps maintain the trainee in full physical and mental form. A coach can also get the limelight because of his or her trainee.

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