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Depressed over low marks in 10th! What’s next?

Depressed over low marks in 10th What is next I was greatly surprised to find out the 10th class certificate of my friend, who turned out to be a medical student, out of pure passion. I couldn’t believe that an all India rank holder had been a below-average student till high school! Do your 10th grades really matter? Before you find the answer, let me tell you one thing. We are not trying to discredit the studious ones nor to encourage the negligent ones. Depressed over low marks in 10th!!? Let’s look at what we can do about it through these easy to follow 7 tips.here is a article on Depressed over low marks in 10th What is next.

Keep Your Wig On

Stay calm folks! It’s the first step towards making a decision. Don’t let your emotions take control over you. Change the focus of your mind towards positivity rather than contemplating the negative thoughts. Don’t let your anxiety and self-doubt interfere with your dreams and hopes.

There are a lot of ways to get rid of your mood swings. Who knows what makes you happy better than you? You can engage in physical activities like yoga, swimming, nature walking, etc. or keep up with your hobbies or spent time with your loved ones and ask for support from well-wishers. This tip helps you how to let go of the Depressed behavior over low marks in the 10th.

Listen to your heart

See what interests you the most. Interests could be on academic subjects as well as extra-curricular activities. Even if you aim to pursue your hobbies as your career, don’t take your academics lightly. Show the courage to take your decisions. Giving a chance and failing could be better than regretting having not tried at all.

Choosing the right stream

Don’t just follow the trend when it comes to choosing your subject stream. Science streams are most favoured in our country. It’s true that STEM (Science, technology) engineering and mathematics – the interdisciplinary approach) offers the most number of white-collar works. But any discipline if done with passion and the right approach can reward you an attractive job. The same way, any discipline done without interest or passion can harm you and cause you mental distress. Commerce and humanities
courses as well could be done with good career prospects in mind. This tip helps you how to let go of the Depressed behaviour over low marks in the 10th.

Read More

What you have studied so far do not cover the wide variety of topics that actually exist. For example, let’s say economics, sociology, or philosophy. Mostly, these are just names for a 10th passed out student. Reading more helps you to find your interest, enrich your vocabulary, and provides the cognitive rewards as well along with infinite other benefits. In these corona times, shall we call the process of reading as equal to sanitizing our minds?

Anyway, make sure that you pick your books wisely and not just sticking to a single genre of fiction.

Looking back into your grades

While it’s important to let go of your past grades and start afresh, it is equally important to try to figure out the influencing factors behind your scores. Was it just your laziness or carelessness that resulted in low grades? Was it the hatred towards that hawk-eyed a teacher who always had been your nightmare? Was it the lack of proper understanding of the basics of any subjects? Was it the inability to manage your time during your exams? Was there a lack of proper Study-fun balance? Was it just peer pressure? Was it your lack of practicing or lack of understanding of the exam-pattern beforehand? You can have numerous other reasons as well.

Now, take a sheet of paper and start listing out what you think might have caused your performance in academics in general, and exams in particular. Try to work on those causes which can be attributed to your personal flaws. Make a promise to yourself that you are not going to repeat the same mistake. This tip helps you how to let go of the Depressed behavior over low marks in the 10th.

Online trainings

You might have known that a lot of platforms like Coursera and edX have been offering you free online training sessions on thousands of courses while stuck at home. Enrolling to some of these courses which sounds interesting to you will not only help you earn a certificate but also helps you to explore you to what subjects really grabs your attention and keeps you motivated. It can also expose your prior misconceptions about certain disciplines. How many of you know that a bachelors in psychology doesn’t
teach you how to hypnotize a person or to read a person’s mind?

Master your schedule

Once you are in your 11th standard, it is normal to feel the new curriculum as slightly burdened. It doesn’t demand your whole time studying but managing your timings for studying and other leisure activities would actually do the trick. In fact, adhering to a strict timetable for your daily chores and other activities will provide you more free time.

Always aim high and keep back up plans. Most of the premier institutes in our country select students based on the performance in the entrance tests conducted. For instance, if you want are interested in research-oriented science disciplines or engineering, aim for IITs, IISc, and IISER, etc. If humanities interest you the most, there are several top-rated institutes like IIT Madras, TISS, etc. There are 20 IIMs in India awaiting for the commerce students as well.

If you start preparation at the right time, it might save you an extra year after 12th as the tests would become an easy walkover.

To know further about your opportunities, keep browsing the career guide. If you are confused about your interests, go for an aptitude test too. All the best folks!

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