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We often find ourselves complaining that we are extremely bored in this lockdown, there are times when we are just out of things to do and it results us to overthink situations, therefore, idleness frequently gives way to jeopardizing our mental peace. Well, it is time for us to do something productive with our time at hand, it is going to help us in many ways; besides that, taking up an online course will also keep us engaged.

Try to think about your individual interests, or something which you always wanted to learn since a long time but never got a chance to due to lack of time. Well, now you have all the time you need, all you need is a little push. Upskilling is a great way to engage your valuable time doing something fruitful, it will allow your personality development, expose you to many career options and can be very therapeutic. Self-education is a great way to take care of ourselves and our time, doing something productive and learning something new will take us a long way. If you’re unsure what you want to do or learn, you can look for specific skills that are in high-demand in the market currently, then you can train yourself on that particular skill and look for internships or jobs later. It will benefit you in many ways, and you will also have a new skill to add to you CV.

Today we have enlisted few online courses which would keep you busy, and would also be very beneficial for you in the long run.

Learn a New Language-

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Learning a new language is never a bad option; it is a great skill to have, and it automatically boost your CV. In a globalized world, where our languages, culture and economy are so highly integrated with each other, companies look for people who are good at international languages to make communication with other countries easier. Apart from high-demand, learning a new language also makes your mind very sharp; for example, you’ve exceled in French, then you would be able to watch French cinemas and read books written in French, isn’t that so interesting and captivating?

It is essential to start learning a new language soon, because it keeps getting difficult with age. Also, you need to devote good amount of time and practice a lot to learn a language- you need to make sure that your base is cleared, therefore, right now is the perfect time to start. Always remember, better late than never.

Business Studies-

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Having entrepreneurial skills will take you a long way, today’s competitive job market has a high demand for people who have good business and entrepreneurial skills. Many new-budding startup companies are looking for young adults who are good analysts and strategists. If you think that you have the qualities of team management and building, or if you have good leadership qualities and a zeal for new ideas, then you must try to focus on building and developing your skills. Doing a course on business studies is a very good way to polish your potentials and strength, this online course will further train you and impart essential knowledge which you didn’t have before. You can take the guidance of different course and build a flourishing career path for yourself.


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If you’re looking forward to career in brand-building, then it is time for you to take up a course in marketing. Business is a lot about selling of products and services, this can be a very strenuous and complicated task. Brainstorming of new ideas is not easy, and besides that, you need to have good persuasive and communication skills. You need to also work on your networks and contacts, therefore, work on it step by step. To learn marketing, you need to join a online course which would train you and help you polish your skills. Marketing has many elements on it, and you need to focus to have a good over each of these elements in order to excel. Thus, a guidance is essential; it would expose you to many tricks and strategies of marketing and help you acquire these tricks one by one. Also, you would be taught the skill by experts and it will allow you to gain a good amount of experience.


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If you think you are passionate about writing, or want to build a career in writing, then it is a perfect time to learn and practice. To be an effortlessly good writer, you need a good amount of practice and dedication. Some of us, are very late to field, therefore, it takes time to adapt to writing completely. As we mentioned before, it is a skill which you develop by practice and dedication, many people who are late to this field might have problems. Hence, it is essential that you take the guidance of an expert to develop your own personal style. In order to pursue your passion in writing, you must join a course which trains you to be a good writer.

We hope that this gives you some motivation to find a course of your interest.


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