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Tag: career after 12th

Jul 08
8 career steps to become an Engineer after class 10th

Engineers have a role to play in every single aspect of life. From the houses we live in, the appliances, machines, and gadgets we use, to the food we consume; without Engineers, not much would be possible. In the present day though, there is undermining and depreciation in the value of Engineers across the country […]

May 02
8 factors on how to choose a College/University after 12th

Mostly, the students are confused about the choice of college/university after their 12th class. They unable to understand which college is best for them.they wish to select the college which provides them better popular and placement in future. Basically, nowadays choosing a college is difficult for students due to lack of knowledge. Choose a better college/University […]

Apr 29
Bachelor Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery career after 12th

BAMS is an acronym for Bachelor of Ayurvedic, Medicine and Surgery. It is an undergraduate degree which considers the holistic well-being of people. Ayurvedic medicines rely more on natural, nature-based medicine which is pure and has zero side effects; hence, they are more safe and vital for an individual with multiple implications. It is also known […]

Apr 29
7 Bollywood movies for Law Aspirants for class 12th

Movies are a beautiful way of illustrating different aspects of life. They sometimes entertain us while some leave a deep impact and can act as a source of motivation. We all at least have one movie which no matter how many times have we watched it; still we love to watch it because it has […]

Apr 25
Teacher Training Courses After 12th

In India and all across the world, teaching is not only seen as a profession but also a passion. If one is not passionate enough about gaining and imparting education, then one lacks all the potential to be an efficient teacher. Teaching is a very important career among many students in India today. If you want to […]

Apr 15
8 Tips for a career in BCA

In short, Computer Application is learning of software application which is a program or a bunch of programs which is made or designed for the end users. Computer application has many software applications like- Spreadsheets, a word processor, a web browser, an email client, an accounting application, a file viewer, a media player, simulators, a console game, or a photo editor and many more software application. This course is the perfect course for students who have great interest and deep knowledge about computers. Students in the world of technology has much…

Oct 25
Scope as journalists in journalism after 12th

In today’s age of technology and communication, audiences want to be aware of the latest technologies and improvements around them all over the clock. An interesting and rapid career, journalism is perfect for recent grade students who are enthusiastic about narrative and interested in current affairs.Here is article on Scope as journalists in journalism after Class […]

Jun 21
8 piece of advice for your best career after 12th

Graduating and leaving school for good can be daunting. It is scary to think you are just a few years away from being an independent grown-up. At the same time, there is excitement and naive curiosity as to what the future beholds. Although parents, teachers, relatives, and friends advise the just-graduated student on how to […]

Apr 25
8 steps to your career as an Airhostess after 12th

Airhostess is the greatest job and it has a good career ahead. An Airhostess is a reputed job across the world. Those who are interested in travelling this is the best job for them. This job makes a person self-dependent with sufficient salary. A good salary also appears your status of living. This working field […]