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Scope as journalists in journalism after 12th

In today’s age of technology and communication, audiences want to be aware of the latest technologies and improvements around them all over the clock. An interesting and rapid career, journalism is perfect for recent grade students who are enthusiastic about narrative and interested in current affairs.Here is article on Scope as journalists in journalism after Class 12th

Journalists collect knowledge in a range of media for mass consumption. They might study, report, and write article on Scope as journalists in journalism after 12th or operate in roles like editors and publishers on the commercial side of journalism.

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About Journalism

Since the modern age has continuously confirmed that the pen and the camera are more effective than the sword, countless opportunities have been provided for journalists worldwide.

Journalism is responsible for spreading knowledge on all related events worldwide. The way news broadcast was revolutionized by the newspapers, radio, TV, and, more importantly, the web. In this practice, journalists have a critical part to play. 

Journalism as a career today represents not only a respected profession but also a daunting career choice. In the growth of any country, journalists have a main role to play. The main goal of journalism is to inform, educate, and inform the masses on different issues that are swirling around them.

Simple reporting of events is no longer sufficient, and more journalistic specialization and professionalism is required. The desired journalist, therefore, works today in various fields such as politics, banking, economy, and another sector too.

Eligibility to become a Journalist

Minimum eligibility of 10 + 2 and a graduate degree in journalism is required to become a journalist. Some colleges and private educators also provide one year of journalism degree courses with 10 + 2 eligibility.

It is worth noting that no education or program can claim to make a journalist. The courses will only train individuals in technological aspects. In addition to writing and creating news reports in a right, concise, and attractive manner, one must have enthusiasm in this career.

Skills for Journalism

Anyone interested in communicating with people and writing can choose journalism as a career opportunity. To adapt to this career, an individual must be trained in TV production and radio production procedures. Here are some skills mentioned which are marked essential to become a journalist:

  • Conveying ideas and perspectives
  • Willing to travel
  • Time management skills
  • Team spirit and quality of a leader
  • Ready to take risks 
  • Interested in social justice and political issues
  • Interviewing skills
  • Communication skills
  • Skills related to computer
  • Good command over research, writing, and editing
  • Honest individual

Opportunities as Journalist

In electronic media:

  1. Presenters – Effective communication, command over vocabulary, language and grammar, general knowledge, intellect, and composition capacity in challenging environments are important for this job. Also, the presenter must have the ability to manage expressions and to convey the correct tone of the news
  2. Researchers They have to do their job in the research field for a site or channel. Important skills required are creativity and curiosity.
  3. Reporters – They must possess good communication skills, anchoring skills, and presentation skills

In print media:

  1. Cartoonist Main skills that cartoonists require are humor and artistic mind. He comments on the personalities of the public and others occurring humorously.
  2. Photojournalist To be good photojournalists, or in clear words, visual reporters must take photos that represent a news headline and be ready for hard work. He or she should be able to write sufficient digital photographic phrases and know the technical idea
  3. Critic To be a critic you must well-read. Regardless of the region, the subject at hand must have your thorough knowledge.
  4. Columnist – They publish in a journal or a magazine as a columnist for a specific segment. Your column will emphasize your point of view on any subject under the main topic such as fashion, politics, films, or any other relevant topic. 
  5. Proofreader – Proofreader must analyze and compare the facts with the copy-edited. You must have spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills for this work.
  6. Leader Writer – They just have to place your opinions on news issues in editorial columns.
  7. Editor – The editor’s primary duty lies in maintaining print media accuracy and continuity. He or she presents the journal attractively.
  8. Special reporter – You must have extensive knowledge of politics, sport, and so on to be a reporter for a specific reason. They should also be able to interpret and explain the news based on your interpretation of both sections.
  9. Feature writer – Their job is to write in-depth stories and examine specific problems. 
  10. Reporter – As a reporter for the publication, news agency, radio, or television, they must report quickly, simply, and precisely. In this position, the intellect will be necessary to differentiate between history and objectivity.


Journalism will do well as you expand in ranks as a profession in India. Starting at Rs.3 lakh per year, the middle and the senior positions range from 8 lakh to 15 lakh per year. The pay can be even higher for prominent journalists.

Best institutes for journalism

Regardless of any generation, a journalist’s basic skills are common sense, a strong understanding of current affairs, a readiness to adapt, and decent speech skills. Different institutes offer journalism and mass media undergraduate courses these days, and they’re in high demand. Journalists collect knowledge in a range of media for mass consumption. They might study, report, and write journalism articles or operate in roles like editors and publishers on the commercial side of journalism. It is a very interesting and high paying field.

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