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Bachelor Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery career after 12th

BAMS is an acronym for Bachelor of Ayurvedic, Medicine and Surgery. It is an undergraduate degree which considers the holistic well-being of people. Ayurvedic medicines rely more on natural, nature-based medicine which is pure and has zero side effects; hence, they are more safe and vital for an individual with multiple implications. It is also known as the alternative medicine (means a medical treatment which does not adhere to the mainstream medical approach.) or an alternative approach to recovery. Here you will find BAMS (Bachelor Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) career after 12th. Here is article on Bachelor Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery career after Class 12th

What is BAMS?

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These medicines are considered to help gain positive health. It manages the curing of both mental and physical illnesses.  It is one of the oldest and strongest curing sources. Ayurvedic treatments are one of quickest form of treatments and are eco-friendly. They majorly improve the quality of life and believe in spiritual health as well.

Some of the ayurvedic treatment benefits are-

  • Cleansing of the body and mind
  • Control over blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Healthy skin and body
  • Reduces Inflammation

Also, these medicines help with some psychological disorders like- depression, insomnia, anxiety and hypertension. Through the ayurvedic treatment one, rejuvenates and reconnects with their parts of soul. It helps enhances your critical thinking and builds up your tolerance tendencies level.

Students should have some traits which compliment with this degree

Like –

  • Should be empathetic
  • Have patience
  • Should be focused
  • Observant
  • Should have some counselling attributes
  • Should have problem-solving skills

Eligibility Criteria

This degree is available in various public and private colleges in India. The students who are eligible to apply for this degree should be 12th pass through the science stream and should have- Minimum above 50% in altogether Physics, Chemistry and Biology to get into a good medical university. Students from the other categories like SC/ST/OBC are required to score above 40% to get into a good university. NEET (National eligibility entrance test) is the entrance exams which is needed to be given for the further admission process these exams are conducted by either central government or state government.

There’s a particular age limit as well which is 17 and above to fill the eligibility criteria for admission.

It usually takes 5 to 7 years to complete this degree including the internship duration. Later, you can even consider opting for a master’s degree or master’s degree in surgery.


Some of the great university for BAMS (Bachelor Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) in India-

  1. In Nashik, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences
  2. In Varanasi, Institute of Medical Sciences
  3. In Bangalore, Rajiv Gandhi Universities of Health Sciences
  4. In Jamnagar, Gujarat Ayurved University
  5. In Faridkot, Baba Farid University of Health Sciences
  6. In Wardha, Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences
  7. In Indore, Ashtang Ayurveda College
  8. In Kolkata, J B Roy State Medical College
  9. In Chandigarh, Sri Dhanwantri Ayurvedic College
  10. In Jaipur, National Institute of Ayurveda

These are some of the few colleges which have amazing teaching staff and standard education. You can take admission in BAMS course after 12th.

Career options

It’s safe to say that Ayurvedic doctors earn quite well as this type of medical treatment is preferred by many in India as well as in foreign countries. As people believe in the effectiveness of ayurvedic medicines more people are interested as opposed to other kinds of medicines. There is a large scope of job opportunities in this field all over the world.

You can work in many medical sectors, you can work in private hospitals or government hospitals, you can open up your own clinic, and work abroad as a researcher or in manufacturing and you can even work in private universities or government universities or colleges as professors.

Working in research centres is also a great career option. You can even be an ayurvedic consultant or an ayurvedic physician. You can work in any health centres or in any pharmaceutical companies as a drug specialist. One can even open their very own retail medicine shop regarding ayurvedic medicines. There are still many more career options than the above-mentioned one’s. You can pursue BAMS as your career after 12th.


In the start of your career, it’s quite obvious that you won’t be earning much. The salary depends on the doctor’s experience and their qualifications so it is approximately from 40,000 to 60,000 and as said before it usually differs as per your position in a hospital or your qualifications. In private hospitals, the pay is usually less than the government hospitals.


  • Ayurvedic medicines work well in some cases when allopathic medicine lacks to do so. So, Ayurvedic treatments are moreover reliable in short.
  • These medicines are more effective than allopathic medicine.
  • It is underrated in some countries but as more people have started using this approach to medication, more awareness of this medical treatment is being promoted in a positive manner.

On a side note, becoming an Ayurvedic doctor is a respectable and responsible job. An Ayurvedic doctor should be determined and dedicated to their contribution to society.

Here you will get the best and fascinating knowledge about BAMS (Bachelor Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) career after 12th.

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