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Tag: depression

Nov 01
Signs that you are still emotionally immature

If you want to know if you are still emotionally immature, you are in the right place. It’s true that maturity is something which cannot be determined just in respect to the age but also to the experience along with the increasing age. But have you ever thought about your emotions? Are you mature when […]

Nov 01
Mental Abuse – Signs and Ways to Overcome

Though we all know the signs of mental abuse, when it comes to actually identify them at the peak moment of getting abused, you actually forget them. Mental abuse can be of various types like someone controlling you, or trying to make you insecure, or trying to frighten you or isolate you and a lot […]

Nov 01
How to forget your ex

If you want to know how you can forget your ex, you are in the right place. We all have gone through this phase at least once in our entire life right? Like come-on, you wouldn’t have even felt like reading this article if you wouldn’t have gone through the same (though I’m not passing […]

Nov 01
Know About Signs of Depression

If you want to know about signs of depression, you are in the right place. We often tend to use the term depression whenever we are feeling sad or getting a headache after having a bad day but depression itself it not such an easy term. Depression has a lot more signs and symptoms to […]

Oct 26
Signs that your partner is a player

If you want to find out if your partner is a player, you are in the right place. It’s true and very easy to simply fall for someone’s charm and eventually being swept away by their romantic speeches and gestures. But guess what? There’s a lot more to fall in love than just those romantic […]

Oct 19
Signs that you are insecure about yourself

If you want to know if you are insecure about yourself, you are in the right place. Everyone wants a perfect or at least simple life that consists of dear family members, loving friends, a caring partner and few goals in life to achieve. But when things fall apart or don’t go according to how […]

Oct 16
Myths and facts about anxiety

If you want to know about myths and facts about anxiety, you are in the right place. Who doesn’t know what anxiety is? Who hasn’t faced it yet in life? Like this mental health issue is so common in our everyday lives. Every one of us has gone through anxiety at one point of time […]

Oct 11
Know more about Bipolar Disorder

Mental health issues are not just stuck in depression and anxiety. It has a lot more types which you have probably never heard of. In this article, I’ll share a few things about people having bipolar disorder in order to make the readers understand the basics before judging someone straight away. So please read this […]

Oct 11
Signs that you are self-harming

Self-harming is not always about intentionally harming your self to cause yourself pain. Sometimes it’s about harming yourself unintentionally. I know it sounds weird but has you ever thought deeply whether you have actually ever tried to harm yourself with the actions you take in life?Today’s article is all about the signs that are causing […]

Oct 10
5 Myths and Facts about Mental Health

If you want to know about myths and facts about mental health, you are in the right place. There are tons of myths about psychological state issues that we are hearing since childhood. So today I’m gonna discuss few very common myths that we have heard of. Not only that, I’m even getting to discuss the particular facts related to each of the myths. So […]

Oct 10
How your insecurities are affecting your life

This generation is often known for its narcissistic approach towards things. This means there is an egoistic approach towards our own selves. We in this era of digitalization and tech-savvy environment, tend to believe we’ve got our hands on the best of resources. Ranging from the latest internet speed to the latest range of sixth-generation […]

Oct 09
Self-hypnosis is the road to a better life

Just by the term itself, people become very skeptical about the idea of having self-hypnosis. People often tend to think that it is an invasion of their privacy and think it may bring to them a lot of displeasure. However, it is not the case when it comes to the idea of self-hypnosis. If an […]

Oct 09
Why can’t I have a life like others?

Do you ever ask yourself why can’t I have a life like others? Today’s article is basically a motivational story that I’m about to share with all the readers. But the question? Isn’t it so known? Doesn’t it feel so relatable? Isn’t it because you too ask the same question to yourself? And isn’t it […]

Oct 05
Signs that a person is suicidal

If you want to know about the signs to know if a person is suicidal, you are in the right place. This pandemic is snatching away lots of lives of our closed ones. After that, there’s no option left rather than standing and wondering what just happened to us. No matter how hard we wish […]

Sep 28
How to know that you have toxic parents

If you want to know if your parents are toxic, you are in the right place. Parents are God’s best gift that a child receives. Nobody can be as important as a parent in a child’s life. In a world where everyone tries to take advantage, parents are the only precious people who stay with […]

Sep 28
5 Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating On You

If you want to know if your partner is cheating on you, you are in the right place. Cheating is an act of unfaithfulness towards your partner. A lot of people go through betrayal from their closed ones and hence start suffering from mental health issues. A lot of people doubt on their partners and […]

Sep 22
8 ways to deal with Depression

What is Depression? Depression is common. Three in five people do suffer from depression at a point in their lives. Everyone feels sad and lonely which is quite normal. However, a depressed person feels persistent sadness, depressed mood, unwillingness to enjoy or participate in activities, poor concentration, self-critical thoughts, and all that make them feel […]

Aug 13
13 Bollywood movies which include mental disorders Part-2

Here is the second part of the article on Bollywood movies which include mental disorders- My Name is Khan Movie Directed by Karan Johar, released in 2010 featuring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol as leads. This movie focuses on a patient suffering from Asperger Syndrome (AS). Also known as Asperger’s Syndrome or Asperger disorder and […]

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Jun 30
13 Bollywood movies which include mental disorders Part-1

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the survey on mental health resulted in over 264 million people suffering from depression, and one out of four people suffering from mental disorders worldwide. It is essential to create awareness about mental health as over one-fourth population of the world is suffering from one or the other […]