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Jan 24
Highest Paying Companies for Engineering Graduates in India

Getting hired by a big Organization with a wealthy salary package is always a dream for every graduate. This guide will explain you about the top highest paying engineering companies in India that hire engineering graduates . Google Microsoft Goldman Sachs Amazon IBM TATA Group Larsen & Toubro Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. BHEL Intel The […]

Sep 23
15 Reasons to work with International Business Machines

Charles Ranlett Flint and Thomas J. Watson founded the company ‘Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company' which was later renamed as the ‘International Business Machines Corporation’ or IBM as we know it today. The company believes in progress and that the application of reason, intelligence and science can improve the human condition, business and the society. The company has assets worth US$152.18 billion with around 352,600 employees worldwide. With net income worth US $ 943 crores and the above mentioned benefits, this company is one of the best to work in India.

Jun 29

IT working professional have extraordinary demand in this modern world. The Information Technology industry works at a much faster speed compared to other industries. IT professionals are in demand because of cybersecurity, data science, cloud computing and many avenues in this field. Google   Google’s work environment is very energetic and the dress code is casual. […]