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Tag: online classes

Apr 24
How online classes can affect 12th students?

With the ongoing pandemic, the world has come to a standstill, and yet everything progresses online. Students, however, face a dilemma at every step of the way. Whether to study or not to, whether to attend classes or not to. Online classes seem to have become “optional” even though they are not. All this is […]

Oct 16
Benefits of online education for the students

Online learning always remains at a peak. It is also compared with the old type of online education system to denounce not to be very successful but this COVID -19 situation changed everyone’s thought. In this pandemic the only way to educate students is e-learning, this COVID -19 situation taught us that e-learning is successful […]

Oct 10
Know About Online Training Courses

If you want to know about online training courses, you are in the right place. Everyone has done something thing or the other in this lockdown. Many of them showed their hidden talents whereas others tried to make use of this time in learning something new. Online courses have become really popular during this lockdown. […]

Sep 15
5 Tips for Online Student Learning Success

Have a schedule and manage your time wisely Keep a semester and a weekly calendar. On the first day of class, read the course syllabus and enter all the dates in your to-do list, along with reminders for the due dates. Try to study or participating in your online class/learning for at least 2-3 times […]

Sep 13
All you need to know about distance learning

What is distance learning? Distance learning, also a synonym for distance education is a prevalent system available for students who cannot always attend schools and other institutions physically. It can basically be considered a way of online education. There are Massive open online courses (MOOCs) present in the online web portals that provide the students […]

Sep 10
Is online teaching the new ultimatum?

In the changing lights of the pandemic and with the rising numbers of infections, most schools and institutions are turning the online way to carry forward with their curriculum. It is being accessed as the most preferable alternative to the traditional mode of teaching. Some schools have even started taking online exams and assignments by […]

Aug 17
IIT BOMBAY holds classes online from next semester

We are well known for the adverse effects of the coronavirus pandemics that have the globe. The COVID-19 epidemic, which intensified in mid-March, has derailed the academic calendar with institutes scrambling to conduct classes and end-semester examinations on time. Youths are the pillar of the nation & risking their life means creating obstacles in the […]