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How online classes can affect 12th students?

With the ongoing pandemic, the world has come to a standstill, and yet everything progresses online. Students, however, face a dilemma at every step of the way. Whether to study or not to, whether to attend classes or not to. Online classes seem to have become “optional” even though they are not. All this is because students are not used to studying in their beds while munching on lunch and snacks.Here is article on How online classes can affect Class 12th students?

Technology is the way forward though, and we must progress with it. So, the question of the hour is whether online learning is pro or a con? And how it can affect the students of class 12th since it is their most important year of schooling. In this article, we will discuss how online classes can affect class 12th students and if it is a boon or bane for their future.

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Online classes can be accessed from anywhere at any particular time and hence, it is extremely easy for students to carry on with their regular day-to-day tasks while attending these classes. They can join their classes through a mobile phone, tablet, or PC. Therefore, this method can be especially easy for students who travel for long hours to reach their school. However, for students who do not have stable internet connections and do not have the luxury of owning gadgets, it can prove to be fatal and they will fall behind.

Less concentration

When students start studying online through their phones and laptops, they have more distractions because they are essentially using the internet. And they do not even have anybody to watch over them like they usually have teachers to make sure students are paying attention. This can be extremely harmful to the student as they will not focus on lessons at all and therefore, will not understand or learn anything.


Throughout the past few months, if there is one worry that has encapsulated all students alike, irrespective of class, it is that studying only laptops and phones, staring at screens for hours on end can be extremely tiring for any child. When your body is tired, your mind is too, and therefore, you will not be able to study well.

More time for self-study

Many students often complain about how they do not get enough time to engage in things they like and study things that they would like to. Since the classes are being held online, they have much more time to themselves and even the commuting time is completely omitted. They can read, study, and learn from various books and online courses that are being offered on various platforms free of cost.

Encourages students to make their own notes

When in school, students are often provided with notes by their teachers but since the classes are being held online, then students may or may not be asked to prepare their won notes for studying. Either way, it is highly advised that all students must start this practice as the pandemic is not slowing down any time soon and they will have to, one time or another, study on their own.

Poor online instruction

Teachers and professors nationwide have lost the ability to engage their students in proper interactive classes because not everything can be done through a screen. They have only one means of communication and that is through their camera, on which they can only show and speak. There is no way to make the students understand by putting extra efforts. This tip helps you to know how online classes can affect students.

Obstructs communication

When in school, students could have just gone to the staff room and asked the teacher some doubts or even ask it in the class, but since the instruction of classes has moved online, they no longer can do this and the only way students can reach out for help is through texting, which is not always feasible.

Tests and assignments

There is no proper way of conducting tests and assignments and therefore, not many teachers are even assigning it. While assignments do not have any true purpose this time as students just copy and paste, tests are all the more impossible and there is absolutely no way of knowing if a student is being honest and not cheating in their tests. When students are not being evaluated, they lose responsibility and become reckless towards their studies.

Practical knowledge

The school dedicates 2-4 hours every week for labs and practical every week for each subject. But since the pandemic, there has been no practical work involved for students and this can be derailing for students as they may have understood better with real-life, practical examples.

Co-curricular activities

Apart from labs, students also miss out on activities like speeches, competitions, sports, etc. Such activities are crucial for the overall health and betterment of a child and in fact, make them more productive and interested in their studies. Since there is no way those activities can be held online, students are forced to spend all their time on academics only and that is not good for their mental or physical health.

So here you get how online classes can affect class 12th students and if it is a boon or bane for their future.

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