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Is online teaching the new ultimatum?

In the changing lights of the pandemic and with the rising numbers of infections, most schools and institutions are turning the online way to carry forward with their curriculum. It is being accessed as the most preferable alternative to the traditional mode of teaching. Some schools have even started taking online exams and assignments by making use of various available applications like Google meet, Google Duo, etc. But the question lies how much are the students benefiting from it, or having any benefit at all? In this article, you will find how online teaching/learning is being the new ultimatum in this pandemic COVID-19 for the students.

online teaching

Benefits of online education

Online education apparently reduces costs. For instance, the students do not have to commute these days as they are more likely to avail the online classes within the boundaries of their homes. Thus, assorting costs of fuel, parking or availing public transports do not affect the finance management of the students and their families. Also, as students gets to avail this mode of education perseverance, they get the flexibility to maintain a balance between their passion and their education. The students are no more bound
to a strict time schedule as in case of the online classes. Usually most people like to avail online classes because they have other commitments to pertain to, thus this is a preferable mode of knowledge gaining for a lot of students.

Online classes also enhance the availability of documentation. Usually, most online classes are recorded and documented for further assistance. Thus, this in a way helps students to get back whenever they have doubts. This means even if a student misses their class, they can avail the class online in their own choice of time. It is especially important for students who carry out their research on similar topics as taught in class. The online database benefits individuals in ways the traditional classrooms can never avail.
These kinds of courses give liberty to students to be self-disciplined. As the students get to avail of the courses in their free time, it gives the students time to focus on other activities of their choice. Thus with time management, the individuals learn how to be disciplined.

In short, with online classes, the individuals get a hand on control over their learning speed and understanding of topics. To be able to control the learning environment a student grows in is important, as it impossible for a professor as an individual to grasp hold of a class of 40-50 students.

online teaching

The cons of online education

Despite having a lot of benefits, online courses can be very time consuming as compared to on-campus classes. It takes time to set up for a class and authorizing the student’s permission to join the class. In a way that acts as a drawback as it’s both times consuming for both the professors and students.
It may also bring in greater risks of procrastination among students. Unlike the traditional medium, there’s no binding way to dress-up or sit in a class. It increases the idea of being lethargic during class hours or even not doing the classes despite being available at the same time. As a matter of fact, it increases the feeling of isolation. Especially, if the private institutions have
never availed the online mode of teaching before, it gets hard for the students to go through the learning process without their acquaintances around them.

Thus, it decreases the questioning capacity of individuals in case they don’t follow up with certain topics. Without active learning, it gets hard for the students to grasp the contents and the concepts.


Online teaching, a new reality

In consideration of the recent light of Covid-19, the schools have been in a constant tussle on how to meet the needs of the students. Creating a proper online learning infrastructure is probably just the first step towards the learning mechanism for the students. This new reality should not only offer for better understanding to the students but also work towards increasing
the interactivity among teachers and students. Making use of digital tools such a ‘Resource plus’, PDFs, discussion pannels can not only offer for study materials for the students but also act a wide range of ready materials for the teachers. This way with the right balance between knowledge and skills online teaching can be a new and the right reality for the students.

online learning

The future of online teaching

With the advancements of technology, online teaching has opened doors for individuals we could even imagine. Today with the growth of e-learning software, the teachers and professors reinforce their skills on their students. With a population of over 1.3 billion and the availability of
high-speed internet in the country, to the advancement of online teachings has passed on from just online classes to specializations, online degrees, etc. Considering people with physical and mental disabilities, it is important to understand how these online classes aid the benefit of such people. Also through the Digital India initiative by our Prime minister, it has become more evident to the people of the country of the far-reaching benefits of online education.

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