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7 tips to brace yourself for KCET entrance exam after 12th

7 tips to brace yourself for KCET entrance exam after 12th. Across the state of Karnataka, lakhs and lakhs of students gear up every year for the KCET entrance exam after 12th. The Karnataka Common Entrance Test is much like any other competitive exam which requires lots of preparation, dedication, resilience and of course, hard work. It is not difficult to ace this test by following a few certain tips that will help you prepare yourself better for the upcoming exam. Here is article on 7 tips to brace yourself for KCET entrance exam after Class 12th

Be rigorous

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Being thorough with the many, if not all, topics that fall into the curriculum for KCET is an absolute must. Not only does this increase your chances of scoring well but also boosts your confidence. Apart from this it is also just as important to know the exam pattern – how many sections will the paper be divided into, how much marks does one question carry, is there negative marking etc. Being properly informed and updated on the above is crucial to securing well.

Make a Plan

having the proper tools and resources to study but not the right plan is equivalent to having a boat ready to sail, but not knowing how to grow. Devise a study plan at least a month prior to appearing for the test and maximize your study hours to ensure preparation. However, students must realize that studying for long hours and not concentrating is as good as not studying at all. Study for at most 2 hours in a sitting and allow yourself a 15-30-minute break where you rest your eyes and brain. Make sure not to engage on social media during this break as using your smartphone does not count as “rest” for your brain. It works in full capacity even then as you did while you were studying and although it might provide you with the sense of recreation, your brain still remains tired.

Practice makes perfect

Students are constantly told to practice mock tests and previous year’s question papers as it helps them in better understanding the exam pattern, how to manage time when appearing for the real test, what the question paper will look like, what areas or topics they need to focus better on etc. Practicing for KCET can be seen as being given a vaccine. It prepares you for the future by giving your body and mind a small dose of it. After engaging in such practices students are more confident when they write the actual test as their brain does not regard this as something new.

Concentrate on important topics

Although it is necessary for the KCET aspirants to study everything prescribed, students may end up scoring better if they focus on comparatively important topics that are likely to carry more weightage according to the exam pattern. By doing so, even if they fail to properly understand some of the concepts, they can make up for it by doing exceedingly well in other concepts. This will ensure higher marks as they will be thorough with the topics that carried more Mark’s.

Proper Revision

The longest duration for which a student can retain information in their mind will hit revision is only a day, whereas it is 7 days with revision. That statement alone should be enough for students to understand the grave consequences of not undergoing proper revision two to three days before the exam. One of the most fruitful ways of doing revision is to make notes that retain only the important information this can be anything from formulas for math and physics to certain keywords that help you remember concepts of Biology or Chemistry better.

Doing this prevents you from the hassle of trying to look for topics or headings among hundreds of pages of notes and textbooks, it also helps by engraving the concepts deeper into your memory as writing things down helps you remember better than just orally reciting or memorizing it.

Fact check

Being doubtful of certain topics and subtopics will leave your preparation unfinished. Be absolutely confident in the concepts and leave no room for “buts and maybes” as competitive exams usually contain conceptual based questions to test your ability to understand and put to practice rather than just memorizing.

Be persistent and positive

Fretting too much about the test does nothing but negatively affect your performance. It increases your stress and anxiety levels to the point where it becomes harder for you to focus on the test preparation. Be optimistic about your result but at the same time, be realistic. Expecting to score a full 100% while not working for it is going to no one any good. Put your mind to ease by telling yourself “Whatever happens, happens for the best” but do not let that be the reason to have shortcomings in your preparation.

Have faith in yourself, your abilities and your preparation and always focus on giving your level best. Remember that preparation is not going to do you much good if you are irregular with it. Whether or not you are able to crack the exam, know that your worth as a student or your intelligence is not determined by one exam alone so if you fail to score well, do not let it hold you back from trying harder for your next opportunity, do not let one failure question your entire self-esteem.

From this article, you will get all the best points on how to brace yourself for the KCET entrance exam after 12th.

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