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7 tips to crack CLAT exam after 12th

In this article, we will discuss some tips to crack CLAT exam after class 12th. 7 TIPS TO CRACK CLAT EXAM AFTER CLASS 12THCommon-Law Entrance Test, also known as CLAT, is a national level entrance examination to get admission to the National Law Universities of India. This test is the basic criteria for both the government or private as well as the private law institutions. This examination is conducted once a year with nearly one lakh aspirants who appear for this examination. Here is article on 7 tips CLAT exam after Class 12th

The examination is usually conducted in the English Language is the pattern is divided into 5 different parts. The examination can be given after class 12th examinations for undergraduate programs. The examination is usually taken through the offline mode and is conducted by mainly the Consortium of National Law Universities, shortly known as NLUs. So, let us discuss some of the tips to crack CLAT Exam after class 12th as most of the students are confused about when and how to prepare.

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Focus or concentration is the base requirement for clearing any examination out there. You need to understand the part that without focus you cannot clear any examination, which automatically includes this as well. Just as you put your efforts and focus on learning the concepts of class 12th, you need all the things, i.e. dedication and concentration, to clear up advanced entrance examinations. So, if you face the problem in focusing, you can do meditation which is the most effective remedy to increase your focus towards things. You need to meditate to develop focus as this helps to calm your mind and release all the stress from your mind.

Failure leads to success

You should never lose hope as the others do usually. If you expand the term FAIL, you will get nothing but a lesson. Yes, to expand, the word fail means First Attempt In Learning. This means that getting failed does not mean that the world has ended and so does your career. It sure is a setback but not an end. So what you need to do is to look at it positively and take it as a lesson in your life. There are various opportunities, whether in the same field or different. CLAT examination is indeed a difficult examination that has low chances for passing it as it is difficult but you do not need to lose hope just after failing in a mock test only. This helps you to put in more effort and do better than the previous one.


Speed matters a lot in the CLAT Exam after class 12th. This Entrance Examination is lengthy as well as tricky at the same time. So you need to be witty with a good presence of mind so that you can clear the examination with good marks and rankings. To increase your speed, the best way is to keep practicing the same thing again and again so that you can get familiarised with the pattern of questions very well. To get the tricks and a proper familiarity, you need to practice more and more as this is the only way to not get stopped in between and speed yourself up for the completion of examination within the given time.

Practice makes a man perfect

Practice indeed makes a man perfect. Since there is no particular reference for this examination and you are unaware of the linkages, you need to practice more for the papers as the questions are tricky in this examination. CLAT examination is a kind of umbrella to the plethora of questions which is ranging widely from one field to another. You cannot predict the exact questions as well due to this case, just as you used to do in your class 12th board examinations. So, keep practicing as much as you can so that you get a basic idea of the paper and its pattern.

Smart study

A smart study is very much required for 2019-20 batch students who are looking forward to giving this examination. The main reason is that the paper pattern has been changed this year where new alterations have been made. Some sections such as grammar are deleted from the paper pattern and the existing length in the other sections has been increased. So now target study than the whole lot handling becomes important in this case.

Proper Strategy

A proper strategy to cover up a large topic is required because those students who are looking for the admission into the National Law Universities, by going through the CLAT exam, without any drop year,  do not have much time. Even after the lockdown, there is a huge pressure because of the lack of resources and an abrupt stop in the daily lifestyle. So you need to take the positive out of it and create a proper strategy within the limited time so that you get the chance to know about the pattern of the question as well as the level of the trickiness and presence of mind which is required.


Consistency is the ground pillar for getting success in any goal. You need to stay consistent despite any external disturbances and situations. What you can do is make a proper daily schedule by making a timetable on daily basis and follow it religiously. This might seem difficult to follow in the beginning but once you start following it, you will be able to see the changes in yourself definitely. So try not to break your consistency in between and give the best to your capabilities till the D-Day

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