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8 Career opportunities in Psychology after 12th

Psychology is the study of ‘Mind’, ‘Soul’ and ‘Behavior’. It is the study of conscious and unconscious behavior. Students who want pursue a career in psychology after their 12th need to have a psychology degree. The Bachelor’s degree in psychology is a 3-year long undergraduate degree and to be eligible to study this program you need to be 12th pass with minimum 50% from any recognized universities. Here is article on 8 Career opportunities in Psychology after Class 12th

Students can further study in this field as well by doing a Master’s in Psychology or even a Ph.D. in Psychology. Students have a great career scope in this field and the salary is good as well.

Colleges (6)

Career Counselling-

Career Counselling is one of the most popular fields to work in and career counsellor plays a very vital role in all of our lives. Career counsellor help us understand and acknowledge as to what field will we excel in as well as guide us towards our interest. Career counsellor also guides you with how to find jobs, how to plan out your career. They give us a push towards the right direction they help us in deciding our educational purpose especially in making certain life decisions. Career Counselors earn approx. INR 2 Lakhs up to INR 6 Lakhs, so students have a bright future in career counselor.

Child Psychologist-

Child psychologist are very important, they deal with children or teenagers who are facing issues either fitting in or with social anxiety issues, and help deal with delinquent teenagers, teenagers dealing with alcohol addiction or drug addiction. Help students deal with some major loss, cope up with depression or hypertension etc. Child psychologist, have great skills of motivating a child or teenager back on their feet, they help a child or teenager with their confidence and self-esteem. Child Psychologist can work in clinics, in hospitals, in Schools or colleges as well, Child psychologist earn approx. INR 2.5 Lakhs to INR 3.5 Lakhs.

Clinical Psychologist-

Clinical Psychologist work with- Interviews, test, observation, results and on evaluations to determine the problem. They work with adults who have either minor troubles to major psychological disturbances. They conduct certain types of therapies to help a person get better, or help cure their mental or psychological disorders. Clinical psychology is a potential career for students who wish to pursue it, they earn INR 4 Lakh to INR 6 Lakh on monthly basis.

Industrial Psychologist-

Industrial Psychologist are also known as organizational psychologist, they work in industries or companies to analyze, observe and to solve any problems faced in the work place. The lookout for the employees and try to motivate the workers, they majorly improve the quality of the company and the people working there. They build their employees confidence and self-esteem as well as enhances their work ethics and working style. Usually, people work in the HR department (Human Resources Department) after they complete their degree in Industrial Psychology. Industrial Psychologist earn about INR 4 Lakhs to INR 5 Lakhs.

Forensic Psychologist-

Forensic Psychologist are the people who work with the law, they work in forensic labs and deal with the criminals, deal with child abuse, sexual assault cases, things which are needed proof of to present in courts. They are very important in the world of law, they often help in determining whether a particular person is a criminal or not. Forensic psychologist’s usually have to visit crime scenes as well and forensic psychologist’s job may even be dangerous to an extent. The average salary is up to INR 5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs.

Family Therapist-

Family therapist is a type of therapy where all members of the family have to participate together to clear out certain internal as well as external conflicts. They help clear out misunderstandings, promote the idea of communicating more with your family members and understanding where they come from. Teach or show us how to work together with each other in harmony, and learning how to compromise as well as share. They basically observe you individually as well, as a part of the family and evaluate on how to advise you in a particular way to quickly to resolve the issue. They earn approx. in a month ranging from INR 30,000 to INR 1 Lakh.


Researchers in the field of psychology are usually trained in experimental theories and hypothesis.  They experiment and work on their hypothesis to analyze and collect data as well as follow ups. They form conclusions and make reports about their work which may or may not get published. Research help us understand certain things related to how, what, or why people feel certain things that they feel. It helps us understand how a human mind works and what are the answers behind their actions.

Teacher or Professor-

They are the core of the field of psychology, without psychology teacher or professors we wouldn’t to able to spread the knowledge to the future psychologist. The salary the teachers or professors earn is quite sufficient.

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