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8 career tips in graphic designing after 12th

8 career tips in graphic designing after 12th Few have the courage to pursue creative arts as their career, but these few, mostly, also happen to be the fortunate ones as they are not afraid of failure. Graphic Designers are professional designers that create visual content through their creativity and expertise. Here is article on 8 career tips in graphic designing after Class 12th

They have a hand in everything you see – from the stunning visuals of a popular video game to catchy logos, from editorial skills to animating videos and pictures that you come across on Social Media, graphic designers have a pretty interesting job profile. But this must not be mistaken for easy because it is a hard job to make things look visually appetizing and beautiful, all while retaining its sense of self and meaning. However, if you think you are up to the task, then below are tips to follow to make a career in Graphic Designing after 12th.


Do not wait to graduate

Have you have always been interested in art and design and can’t wait to pursue your dream? Then why would you wait until your 12th-grade graduation to start working on it? Starting early does not hurt anyone and therefore, if you genuinely believe that you want to become a graphic designer, you must start working on your skills right from your school. Any opportunity that you get to learn, grow, do not let it go. Yes, you will learn everything in a design school but staying ahead on the schedule will be beneficial for you, and you only.

Get a Degree

After completing your graduation, enroll yourself in a reputable design college of your choice. Professional education is a must if you choose to work in the same field. Various subjects such as animation, photoshop, visual and audio components, design concepts, illustration, designing, vector graphics are taught to students by trained professionals while pursuing an undergraduate degree in graphic design. Even while in college, students should try and work on new and innovative projects that they can utilize to strengthen their resume.

Secure Internships

An internship proves to organizations and companies that you have successful work experience in your bag and thus, they will be more willing to hire you. There are plenty of organizations that provide internships to fresh graduates of graphic design courses and may require you to work nitty-gritty daily tasks or big picture projects depending on your strengths, abilities, potential, and determination. An internship is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and know-how organizations in the work sector function.

Work for Experience

Do not be disheartened if you don’t score high profile jobs in well-known companies. Considering the fact that you are still a rookie, many organizations will not be willing to hire you unless you have a fair bit of experience. To gain experience you must work wherever you get the chance to work, and if this means you have to work for free, do it. Help small business owners and restaurants by creating logos, building websites for them as this will help both you and your clients.

Build a Portfolio

Where you have studied and how much you scored is just as important as what you have built, what you have learned, and how much you have grown as a designer. Saying that it should not be a shocker for students when they are told that they need to build impressive portfolios. Portfolios are the first and foremost thing that organizations ask for when hiring a candidate; so, make sure you wow your spectators when you hand them over your portfolio.

Focus on one path

There are numerous ways one can go about a graphic designing degree. Whether it is working as a solo artist or working for organizations, there are plenty of jobs out there for graphic designers in various fields such as logo designing, short animated films, designing for games, visual editors, etc. From working for media houses to advertising firms to design studios to animation houses, the list of possibilities is quite endless.

Stay Updated

Graphic design is a job that is based a lot on what is in trend. Just like fashion designers must be mindful of their designs by designing something that is in season, in fashion, graphic designers also need to pay the same attention when they design. They need to stay updated on the current trends, technologies, popular culture, politics, and various other fields of life to be a successful designer.

Higher Education

Whether you choose to pursue higher education or not is completely your choice, but we must let you know that higher qualifications and a better degree will only take you forward. Many organizations and firms prefer candidates that are both well experienced and well educated. Therefore, you must strive to achieve both. And for those reasons, it is always advisable to pursue a master’s program in whatever you choose to do in life.

So, here you get all the necessary tips to make a career in Graphic Designing after the 12th class.


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