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8 diploma courses after 12th for great career

In this article, we will be discussing some of the amazing diploma courses after class 12th for a great career. 8 DIPLOMA COURSES AFTER 12TH FOR GREAT CAREER. Nowadays, there has been a gradual shift from graduation degree to diploma courses in the interests of students who are looking for future perspectives after class 12th. The basic benefits of having a diploma are that the duration of this course is basically a short term rather than the graduation duration. Usually, the duration of the diploma courses is between 1 to 2 years whereas, for the graduation courses, the duration is usually between 3-4 years. Here is article on 8 diploma courses after Class 12th for great career

Diploma courses are like crash courses that are taken to specialize in a field. Let us discuss some of the trends which are taking place nowadays. We will be briefing you about some of the top diploma courses which are in high demand presently. Let us go down below to know about such diploma courses which you can pursue after class 12th to make a great career for yourself.

Diploma in Interior Designing

Diploma in Interior Designing is a 1-year diploma course which can be pursued after class 12th. The fees of the course vary from one college to another. The range is usually between INR 15,000 to INR 2.30 Lacs. You can get admission as per your convenience either under a privately owned institution or government deemed university. Usually, the admissions are done on the basis of merit. However, you can give entrance examination as well if conducted by a particular institution. There are a variety of opportunities in this field such as you can specialize by pursuing a further degree in the field, or you can work in different firms, Private companies, etc.

Diploma in Web designing

Diploma in Web Designing is a 1-year diploma course which can be pursued after class 12th. The fee of the course varies from one college to another again. The range of the fee is usually between INR 25,000- 7.5 Lacs per year. The admission process is not based on merit in this case. Usually, the admission is done on the basis of entrance examination done by the respective college or based on your qualifications. There is a wide range as well as demand after this course. You can have specialization in any of the fields you like such as FrontEnd DevelopmentBackend Development, and so on. The wide demand is usually seen in large companies such as Infosys, ORACLE, etc. every year.

Diploma in animation

If you are a big fan of video games and have a creative mind, you can go for this course as a diploma in animation after 12th is a kickstart for your great career. Through this course, you will be able to learn about the 2D, 3D drawings and figures, techniques used for making figures and drawings, and so on. Also known as, CGI, this field has the basic requirement of having good sketching or drawing skills, creative mind, keen observation skills, and so on. The duration of the course is between 6 to 12 months.

Diploma in Multimedia

Diploma in Multimedia is a 1-year undergraduate professional course which has a duration of a minimum of 12 months and can extend to 18 or even 24 months based on the institution. There are both privately owned as well as professional institutions that provide this course. The basic eligibility is to complete class 12th from a recognized board. Admission in this course is done through the entrance examination by institutions or on the basis of the availability of the seats. To opt for this course, the student should have a good drawing or sketching skills as well as creative skills which are evaluated by the colleges or the institutions in which you are seeking admission.

Diploma in Travel and Tourism

Diploma in Tourism and travel is a certification course that focuses on the main principles of the travel and tourism industry. The basic eligibility for this course is to pass your class 12th examinations. The other admission criteria include merit as well as entrance examinations. The course focuses more on the practical skills along with the theoretical knowledge provided during the course.

Diploma in Foreign Languages

A huge demand is there for the diploma in Foreign courses. A diploma in foreign languages after class 12th provides a huge network of opportunities. You must have a passion for learning the cultures and languages of different places to make the full utilization of this course. There is a handsome salary package for those who are interested in doing a diploma in Foreign Languages as they provide a path towards a great career.

Diploma in Hotel Management

If you want your learning to be fun, you should go for this course as the basic structure of the course is rested on practical knowledge and a less part of theoretical learning. To get in the top institutions, you need to go for an entrance examination known as the National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology Joint Entrance Examination, popularly known as NHCM JEE or NCHMCT JEE.

Diploma in Biotechnology

If you want to go into the science field under the diploma category, you can go for Diploma in Biotechnology. The course includes a mixture of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and other related subjects. There is a huge demand after this course. The career opportunities lie under different categories such as textiles, animal science, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and so on.  

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