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8 Tips on Hostel Life for students after 12th Standard

12th standard is full of tense moments. As it is the turning step in our life which determines where our career life will head to. So when the results come out, the counseling of the colleges and the entire allotment process begins. So finally when 12th standard passed students are allotted their colleges, their happiness crosses over the roof. Sometimes, along with this happiness there is also a tiny feeling of anxiety as some students might have to move out. They might have to move to a different city or different state. Another thing which bothers them is that how the hostel life for students after 12th standard will be exactly! So to abate this anxiety, we have specifically written this article. Here are all about the 8 tips on hostel life for students after 12th standard.

Hostel life refers to the experience of living in a hostel, which is a type of accommodation where individuals, usually students or travelers, share a communal living space. Hostels typically offer shared dormitory-style rooms with bunk beds, communal bathrooms, and common areas for socializing and relaxation. Hostel life can be a unique and memorable experience that comes with its own advantages and challenges.

Do not be anxious

We think it is most important thing that students have to realize and practice. Anxiety is not a very positive emotion to harbor. And specially when you are starting something new with your life. We understand that leaving your hometown and your family and friends might be a difficult feeling to process. But do understand that anxiety won’t do any good either. So the first thing to know about hostel life for students after 12th standard is that they need to not allow anxiety take over this experience.

Take time

It is advised to 12th standard passed students that they do not panic about the joining date and time. The college authorities usually give weeks of gap before you join the college from the day you recieve notice. This much time is enough. It is enough to pack all the essentials. You can prepare for the hostel life by reading articles at Careerguide.com. It is sufficient time for students to digest the things that are happening and will happen in their future career life.

The Mess Food

Before joining hostel life, you have heard about the mess. After joining hostel life, you will experience the mess in ‘mess’. You will understand why the mess is called ‘mess’! So, students ; it will be better if you stop crying over the same menu mother prepares at home. Because the food that is served at hostel is not even remotely comparable to the magic dishes our mothers cook. But do not worry, some of the best discussion in hostel life happen over the mess table. We assure the students heading for hostel life that they will go from hating mess food to enjoying the meal timings on the tables.

Independence? Independence!

If we are discussing about the hostel life for students after 12th standard, why not address the elephant in the room? Many students after getting into hostel get excited as they think they will get autonomy over their life. No one to scold. No one to comment on daily schedule. Now they can achieve their own space. But we will like to say that everything comes at a price The students will also have to handle their clothes and their study materials. They will have to get their own water for bathing from the common tap. The convenience of hot shower is not available in many colleges. These are few things that no one might have discussed with them. But we would like our readers to understand the fact that hostel life for students after 12th standard is a combination of independence and responsibility.

Schedule your day

After discussing how everything in the hostel has to be managed by the students only, this point is self explanatory. We would like to strongly suggest our readers that you need to plan how you spend your day. And this doesn’t have to be strict, few alterations are welcomed every now and then. But a rough idea about how the day will be spent should be there. And be sure to include everything in the schedule, from college to sports and from studying to having a leisure time with your friends.

New Friends

Once you are in a new place, it is bound that new connections will be formed. And nothing can ever prepare you for the new bonds and friendship. It is always better to take time and slowly strengthen your bonds accordingly. Remember, the people you meet in this duration might be the same people with whom you might have life long relationship with.

Room mate AKA another sibling!

Whether you already have a sibling or not, your roommates will become your siblings. He or she will always have your back. Your roommate is the person who will receive maximum calls from your mother. He or she is the one that will take blame shamelessly for the things you did. The warden will probably be annoyed by your alliance. This bond that forms between you and your roommate, we are sure that you will cherish it forever.


This is last but not the least. In fact, truly speaking this is of paramount importance. The one thing that all the students should aim to learn from hostel life is the ability to be punctual. The students should try to master this very fine art. The priority of the students should be to do things on and within time. Nothing should be delayed. This particular quality will not only help in hostel life and college life, but will also be invaluable in adult life.


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