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Every person in life face issues related to their relationships. But, many times, it affects them very deeply. Nowadays we can judge people easily due to social media and other technologies. But, after these advancements also, some people cannot be recognized. Many relationships are unhealthy and tend to affect the people involves in it. In this article, we will cover some points showing the effects of unhealthy and failed relationships on students. Students are very tender in their age and, such relationships affect them very harshly.

Low confidence

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When someone is in an unhealthy relationship their confidence is reduced. As they think they are the cause of failures and fights. They start to think that they have issues with themselves and as a result, their confidence starts decreasing. Also, many students start self-doubting themselves and their choices. Some start abusing themselves physically. They judge themselves based on physical appearances, such as fat, dark, short, bald, etc. They constantly doubt themselves and think they are not deserving of relationships.

Depression and other mental disorders

Effect of unhealthy and failed relationships on students like depression and anxiety

After a failed relationship, some people are very soft-hearted and need to consult a psychologist. Also, some get mental disorders, that they need to take therapy sessions to continue their lives regularly. As a result, some face sleeping problems too. As a result of an unhealthy relationship many face problems of various disorders such as mental breakdowns, low self-worth, helplessness, fear, anxiety, depression, paranoia, and even narcissism.

Low concentration level

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By unhealthy relationships, the concentration level is affected, as the subconscious mind is distracted by the relationship. As a result, it shows a bad effect on work-life and academics. Students lose their academics due to unhealthy relationships. As a result, some bright minds fail in their studies. They always think and want to find where the relationship went wrong. And as a result, they think about it the entire time which affects their other tasks.

Lack of interest in day to day life

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All the day to day tasks are disturbed as they tend to remember about the relationship and the partner, as they were involved in their day to day life. They feel tired, which restricts them from working and having a normal life. This is a very visible effect of unhealthy and failed relationships as people notice the change.

Makes them unhappy

Effect of unhealthy and failed relationships on students such as mental disorders which leads to psychiatrist and therapies.

After the failure, people live in the past as they are not happy with how things are. People try to figure out where they went wrong, what they could have done better, or their mistakes. People become sad when they notice something related to the relationship. Some people also self loath themselves taking all the blame for the failure. People are not happy with what they have due to the hollow feeling of the relationship.

Fear, insecurity, and trust issues

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It is very typically seen that those who once had unhealthy and failed relationships face issues with their future relationships. This is due to the issues they once faced during the past relationship. It is difficult for them to trust people as they fear betrayal. They are insecure about being left alone and fear the pain which they may have to face if anything goes undecided.

Change in appetite

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Due to the mental and physical issues, many times people tend to lose their appetite. As a result, they don’t feel like eating. Resulting in food disorders and other diseases. Also, resulting in weakness, lack of nutrients and, essential vitamins in the body. And in other cases, some start eating in a large quantity As they find comfort in food. People also go for unhealthy dieting to reduce weight, as they lack confidence in themselves, especially women.

Lock themselves from the outside world

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People start staying away from others after an unhealthy or failed relationship. They don’t want to communicate with others in a day to day life. They have anger issues as they feel exploited and manipulated. As a result, they feel that everyone will point out problems in them. After an unhealthy relationship, their behavior is not appropriate and as a result, they lose friends. They end up hurting others too.

Suicidal thoughts

Effect of unhealthy and failed relationships on students such as suicidal feelings and suffocation

According to a study, in an unhealthy relationship, suicidal thoughts are more oftenly seen in comparison. People generally have suicidal thoughts when they think that there is no other way and things cannot get better. In an unhealthy relationship, as people tend to suffer, they feel suicide is the better option than suffering. Many psychologists also have observed such cases during their practice.

Helplessness and suffocation

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In an unhealthy relationship, people tend to suffocate as they cannot share their feelings with their partners, as they are the cause of it. They also feel helpless because the situation is many times out of their hands, and they are not able to do anything to make things better.

These were some of the effects of unhealthy and failed relationships on students. Always remember that your current situation is not your final situation. Nothing is ever the last possibility in life, and things will always get better, and you will always get better. Till then, fight back harder each day.

Note from the editor– We hope this article will help all those in need. As mental health is a very concerning topic in today’s world, always seek help when in need. There is nothing to be ashamed of while asking for help. Before taking any rash action, think for the consequences it will cause. And always remember, solutions come before the problems. It is to find it as nothing in life is a dead-end.



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