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8 Tips to learn Dates for 12th History

In this article, we will discuss some of the tips and tricks to learn important dates and timelines in class 12th history. 8 TIPS TO LEARN DATES IN CLASS 12TH HISTORY. Students usually struggle in learning the dates and time periods due to a long list of information. History is like a story that includes several time periods and the events that go on one after another. Here is article on 8 Tips to learn Dates for Class 12th History

It becomes difficult to remember even your activities on a particular day of the previous year. So, it is no wonder that it is difficult for students to learn the exact years and dates, along with the description of the events of several centuries. So, to solve this problem, we will go through some of the tips and tricks to learn the dates in history. The main focus will be for class 12th students who have to learn the dates of events from 3 books.

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Imagining is the best power that you have got within yourself. To opt for this strategy, you need to have good imagining skills in yourself. Your visualizing power helps you to memorize the dates faster and easier. Try to visualize as much as possible so that you can get the details directly into your mind and learning the dates and timelines easily. The better you visualize things, the better you will be able to memorize things for a long time. The visualizations help you to maintain a storyline in your mind which helps you to memorize the exact dates and time period.


Class 12th history is indeed vast which covers the details under three books. Since it is a vast syllabus and a lot of dates for several time periods occur, what you can do is to interconnect the dates through the visualizing method. This will make things easier to learn. The interconnecting method helps to not only learn only the dates and time periods but also the lineages of different rulers and kingdoms. So, you can learn both the names of the rulers as well as the dates and their ruling period with the help of the interconnecting method.

Detail it

Another tip that you need to keep in mind is to avoid cramming up the timelines and dates as this leads to the mugging up of all the details, leading to utter confusion. If you want to memorize the dates and timelines in your mind for a very long time, you need to learn it in detail wholeheartedly in the first place. By detailing down the events and the periods under a particular year or date helps you to collect the accurate data and the dates start getting memorized automatically into your mind whenever those situations pop up into your mind again.


It is very well known that practice makes a man perfect. You cannot expect to learn the dates at once. The best way to learn the dates is to practice the dates continuously. You need to practice the numbers regularly in order to keep it on your tips. Practicing the timelines and dates help you to understand the storyline. Practicing before the final examinations can help you to memorize the dates for a longer period of time. Practicing it, again and again, will get the timeline printed in your mind.


Revising it again and again after practicing it in the written format helps to keep a clear timeline of dates and periods. The main aim behind the revising part helps you to gain confidence over the timeline. There is no benefit to avoiding the revising part as this may cause harm in your memorizing part only. Revision in class 12th is indeed necessary for the students so that they do not forget the details of the chapters and the topics

Maintain Chronology

Maintaining a proper chronology is the necessary task in order to make sure a proper lineage is kept into your mind. Two of the most important timelines, i.e., of the Mughal dynasty and the national movement timeline, make most of the part of the history. To memorize such detailed chapters along with their proper timelines, you need to make sure that you can maintain a proper chronology in a serial format with the help of the accurate details and the storyline. Therefore, you need to make sure that a proper chronology maintained helps you to learn the dates and timelines easily.

Learn through gaming

Learning through the gaming procedure can help you to make the task more fun and interesting. Gaming can help you to develop your interests and memory power. You can take the dates and timelines as a puzzle and try to solve and recall the dates and the storylines. This is one of the most effective ways to learn the dates and memorize the timeline well for your examinations of class 12th.


Rhyming is another method which is used by students to learn the dates and the chronology of the lineages. You can take the names of the rulers or the events that occurred based on the years in ascending order and try to create a rhyme or poetic line from those names and events. This strategy is indeed a memory booster that helps you to learn about the precise and accurate date and details of the events. They act as a key to learn the vast information in a short manner.

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