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9 enthusiastic vocational courses after 12th

“The Indian youth needs to be empowered, and it can be done through good education and vocational training.”- M.M. Pallam Raju. Vocational Courses or Vocational Education is a type of education that teaches you how to work as a technician or an artisan or even a tradesman. Vocational education is also known as technical education. These courses provide hands and practical education. Here is article on 9 enthusiastic vocational courses after Class 12th

Vocational courses build you up for a particular precise job/ career which you a willing to do. It trains the students in such a manner that they are ready to work. Their practical knowledge is wide and this helps them fit in easily. In this article, you will get enthusiastic vocational courses after 12th which will help you to conquer in the future.


Vocational Courses are pretty cheap in comparison to an expensive degree. So, if students are unable to meet the degree expenses; then they can happily join the vocational courses and make a career out of this degree. The time period of this course id also less than a degree so this course is more preferable. The students easily find employment after they pass out, this is one of the benefits that students find if they opt for a vocational course. This helps students to be stress-free and encourage them to work hard. Vocational schools are for students who are entering the work industry for the first time and want to be practically trained.

Vocational education gives a hand in economic development, more employment opportunities, better quality employment, etc. Vocational training helps students mentally and physically. It improves a person’s attitude towards work, boosts confidence, self-esteem. There is a great deal of employment demand in this field, so employment is not something students should be worried about.

So, there are top 9 enthusiastic vocational courses that students can make a career out of-

Game Designer

One of the top vocational courses is game designing. Game designing is a career which is flourishing amazingly, this is a career which we can assure is not going to be stopped anytime soon. To be a game designer you need to perfectly know how to work with computer software, you should know animations both 3D and 2Dcoding, etc. A bachelor’s degree is mandatory to enter this field and work. They have to design characters, puzzles, levels, etc. There are many games played from children to adults, there are games like- Angry birds for kids, GTA, Pubg, Call of duty, etc. These are the few famous game designs you may have heard of.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the most famous sources/ way to market your product into the market, there are many digital platforms where you can promote your product with the help of digital marketing. There are many job opportunities in this field as a Social Media Manager, Content Creator/ developer, Search Engine Optimization Expert, or an Email marketer, etc. The salary is great even at the beginner’s level- 1.5 Lakhs up to 3 Lakhs, the salary mostly depends on your experience and your qualifications. You can pursue this enthusiastic vocational course after 12th.

Animation and Graphics

Animation and Graphics are amazing as well as one of the most creative choices of career. The animation is used in Game designing, in movies, in advertisements, and in many more working fields. The animation course is of 1.2 years or 3 years course, this course also demands employment as this is a wide field. Some examples wherein movie animation is used is- Rio, Cars, Inside out, Avatar and Life of Pi, etc.

Web Development

Web Development is a field in which you have to create a web site, web page, web development, you provide social networking services, and more. This course is in demand by many company’s either they are a known company or a startup, to build a career everyone needs to build a website to start. The basic salary range of a web developer is from 2.5 Lakh to 3 Lakh.

Finance and Banking

This is one of the most sophisticated and responsible jobs in this field. There is a wide scope of opportunity in this work sector, you can work as an Analyst, stockbroker, in banks, as a credit control manager, etc. Most of the private companies or banks and public companies or banks look for people to hire. The salary depends on your position at work, qualification, and you’re demographic. You can pursue this enthusiastic vocational course after 12th.

Fashion Designing

To get a job in fashion designing you need to have a bachelor’s degree provided by (NIFT)- National Institute of Fashion Technology. There is a large scope in the fashion industry and a great earning opportunity.

Even Management Courses

This is another creative field of work, and this course has endless job opportunities. The salary of an event manager is generally up to 2 Lakh to 4 Lakhs.

Catering Management

The catering business is one of the most flourishing businesses of all time. You can work in any event management company or even as a freelancer. This career has no boundaries or any near future stops. So, students can even pursue a career in catering if they are also interested in culinary arts. You can pursue this enthusiastic vocational course after 12th.


There are many jobs in this field, you can be a freelance photographer, wildlife photographer, Travel Photographer, or even a photojournalist. The salary is also quite sufficient and good.

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