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All you need to know about marine engineering

Marine engineering includes the engineering of boats, ships, oil rigs, and any other marine vessel or structure, as well as oceanographic engineering or ocean engineering. Specifically, marine engineering is the discipline of applying engineering sciences, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, and computer science, to the development, design, operation, and maintenance of watercraft propulsion and on-board systems and oceanographic technology. Here is article on All you need to know about marine engineering

It includes but is not limited to power and propulsion plants, machinery, piping, automation, and control systems for marine vehicles of any kind, such as surface ships and submarines.

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About course

B.E. Marine Engineering course involves instruction in the design and maintenance of propulsion systems and the design of steering of tankers, submarines, sailboats, and other marine vessels. Major topics in this course are Navigation, Conservation laws, Naval architecture, Ocean structures, Effects of waves, Project planning, Technical information sources, Ship geometry, Movement variables, and Towing and mooring.

This course helps students to serve as a leading provider of technically energetic, competing, and disciplined marine engineers. This course makes them capable of performing in the international and local shipping industry. B.E. Marine Engineering is a full-time undergraduate Engineering course. The duration of this course is 4 years divided into 8 semesters. Candidates who have completed 10+2 or an equivalent examination with 55% of marks in physics, chemistry and mathematics subjects from a recognized board are eligible for B.E. Marine Engineering course.


At the UG level, candidates must have successfully passed their senior secondary examination or its equivalent with at least 60% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM). They should also have secured a minimum of 50% marks in English either in Class X or Class XII. A minimum and a maximum age limit may or may not be a requirement by some marine engineering institutes.

Some institutes might also have a minimum and a maximum age limit. Some institutes might examine candidate’s medical fitness which includes some features that need to be particularly observed like the constitution, skeletal system, ear nose throat, speech, lymphatic system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system digestive system, genitourinary system, skin, nervous system, eyesight and other tests.

Top colleges

Job profiles

These graduates may also work as consultants and working with clients and to provide guidance on marine designs and constructing, and project management support and suggesting engineering solutions. They also work in areas like business, management, communication, and new technologies.
These graduates may work in areas like.

  • High-speed craft
  • Ferries
  • Offshore drilling platforms
  • Submarines
  • Merchant ships
  • Warships
  • Pleasure craft
  • Working vessels

The marine Engineers can remain within the ambit of the shipping industry and join marine workshops at land i.e. at the ports. Marine Engineers can join Ship manufacturing Companies, which are equally good paymasters. A Marine Engineer can secure a job in the Indian Navy. They can be a part of the navy as technicians or pilot. They can also get hired as technical staff of cargo ships or submarines.


Marine Engineers are required in public and private shipping companies, engine production firms, shipbuilding, and designing firms, navy, research bodies. The companies that recruit marine engineers are as follows:

  • SMEC Automation Pvt Ltd.
  • American Cruise Lines
  • Marine Design and Engineering Pvt Ltd.
  • GMMCO Limited
  • GE Shipping Co. Limited
  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • TMC Shipping Pvt Ltd.
  • ITT Shipping (P) Ltd.


Candidates possessing a degree in marine engineering will get attractive pay depending upon the experience, location, and domain knowledge. An average salary ranges from 64000 to 96000/year will be provided to the marine engineers. Those working abroad will receive 85000$ per annum.

Skills candidates should pursue

  • Organizational ability
  • Practicality
  • Ability to get on well with people of all types at all levels in the hierarchy
  • Ability to keep calm under pressure and in crisis
  • Enjoy working with tools
  • Good at conceptualizing forms and structures
  • Knack for numbers
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Physical fitness
  • Liking for the sea travel

After completion of this course, graduates may get opportunities in areas like Naval jobs, Shipbuilding companies, Research and Deployment centers, Ports and Harbours, Colleges and Universities, etc. They may work in positions like Port manager, Maritime educator, Second marine engineer, Ship manager, Ship operator, Marine surveyor, Chief marine engineer, Technical superintendent, etc. A career in this field is challenging as well as rewarding. Marine Engineers have complete responsibility for the ship’s engine room. Their responsibilities involve the development and designing of the engines related to ships and propulsion systems.

Those who have a passion for academics can pursue post-graduation and enter the field of academics where the demand for qualified academicians in this field is growing very fast.

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