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Career options for commerce students after 12th

Commerce is said to change the course of nations and the world, as students and professionals in commerce always work towards making a profit, and that does not only apply for their monthly salaries. Students opting for commerce can be at the receiving end for a backlash as it is not seen as a stream as successful as science. Here is article on Career options for commerce students after Class 12th

Accountants or businessmen are not looked upon in society the way lawyers and doctors are. But fear not, because all such claims are nothing but false and frankly, ignorant. There are millions of commerce graduates every year who are able to find themselves jobs and make a successful career. In this article, we mention some of the most rewarding career options after 12th for a commerce student.

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If numbers are your strengths and you have the ability to handle the workload and good decision skills then accounting is right up your sleeve! There are quite a few different ways to head into the accounting profession as it is a vast field. Below are a few different options to consider in the accounting profession and career options for commerce students.

Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accounting is one of the most respectable professions in the country, for which, students have to pass three levels of exams consisting of 1 or more sections. The exams to appear for to become a CA are considered to be some of the toughest papers in India with a relatively low pass percentage.

B.Sc. in Accounting

The CA is a five-year degree while a Bachelor of Science in Accounting is a three-year undergraduate program. The students can also choose to pursue M.Sc. in the same field before starting a job. The core subjects learned during this course are Mathematics, MicroeconomicsMacroeconomics, financial and cost accounting, management, and taxation.

B.A. in Finance

While it is extremely similar to B.Sc. in accounting, students who pursue B.A. in Finance do not have as much subject coverage when it comes to Business and Management as much as the B.Sc. students do. Finance is quite different from accounts and students must clearly know the difference between the two while making a choice. Finance deals with the overall health of the company in the present as well as the future while accounting deals with more day-to-day play. You can pursue this course as a career option in commerce.


Businessmen and women, entrepreneurs are some of the richest people in the world, and professionals in the business field get a handsomely paying job. Business students have vast knowledge about various fields in commerce such as management, finance, information technology, customer, and client regulations, etc. Some of the common business degrees are listed below.

Bachelor of Business Management

BBM is a course that trains students into developing their problem solving and decision-making skills while learning the core principles of subjects like Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Finance, Business law, business ethics, etc.

Bachelor of Business Administration

At its core, both BBM and BBA are remarkably similar and students pursuing either BBM or BBA have almost the same subjects. The key difference, however, would be that BBA students do not study in-depth about subjects like Human Resources and Business law while BBM students do.

Bachelor of Commerce

B.Com can go in a multitude of directions. There are plenty of subdivisions in B.Com such as B.Com (regular), B.Com in computer science, and B.Com in Marketing to list a few. Few of the subjects that B.Com students study are cost and financial accounting, statistics, business management, and English while having optional subjects such as computer science or marketing.


Contrary to popular belief, economics is not all about money. It deals with so much more. Such as being concerned in the way people spend their money, what transfer of wealth is, and how it takes place as well as the financial health of organizations and financial risk analysis, etc. Studying economics can also help you make better decisions outside of your work life. Some career options in the field of Economics are listed below.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Finance and Economics

All students of commerce, especially those of economics must be well versed in mathematics. A B.Sc. degree in Mathematics with Finance and Economics will, therefore, require more than usual comfort with Mathematics. Mathematics relating to the commercial field is taught and combining mathematics, finance, and economics will provide you with innumerable options to proceed further in any field to have a successful career.

Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Economics and Finance

It is a three to a four-year undergraduate degree program offered in numerous colleges and universities across the country. It deals with pure economical subjects such as micro and Macroeconomics, political economics, statistics, etc. With a specialization in Finance, students might study a few additional subjects related to banking and finance.

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