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Category: Online learning

Nov 04
The Growth of EdTech

As we have noticed the decline of face to face teaching in the current circumstances, EdTech or online education is considering picking up its pace. We have noticed how time and again the traditional model of teaching has been condoned and criticized in the current circumstances, consequently, our belief on those methods are extensively declining. […]

Nov 01
Impact Of Online Education In Current Situation

Online education has earned tremendous fame amongst operating experts and learners seeking higher education. These sections of online apprentices find tremendous profits in the independence and versatility that these programs allow. Online courses can be designed around their program which may involve full-time professions, internships, and considering for the family. Online learning can also assist them to take […]

Oct 20
Digitalization of Classrooms via Means of Online Class

In the wake of the pandemic, all of us have been asked to sit at our homes and maintain social distancing. Therefore, everything has stopped functioning the way it used to before. Similarly, students are expected to attend their classes through an online screen. Who would have thought that online teaching could one day actually […]

Oct 18
A Glance at the Online Lectures

If you want to know all about online lectures, you are in the right place. Past few months have been very much stressful for everyone. Everything came to a halt and everyone stayed where they are. If we look into the life of the students there are both positives and negatives of line classes. When […]

Oct 16
Benefits of online education for the students

Online learning always remains at a peak. It is also compared with the old type of online education system to denounce not to be very successful but this COVID -19 situation changed everyone’s thought. In this pandemic the only way to educate students is e-learning, this COVID -19 situation taught us that e-learning is successful […]

Oct 16
Innovative E-Learning as an Innovative method

Abstract: Teaching which E-learning largely has served to promote access to the Internet. Despite the fact that E-learning (distance learning) is recognized as one of the hey innovative training methods, it is really its origin date back to the top result of the conducted survey which was the judgment of describing methods of teaching. Introduction […]

Oct 03
Social Media And Student Life

This article is about the use of social media among students. It discusses the various features and impacts of social media and spreads awareness about its usage and addiction. As per a review directed by Pew Research in 2018, Facebook and YouTube rule the web-based media scene, as outstanding dominant parts of U.S. grown-ups utilize every one of these destinations. Simultaneously, more youthful Americans (particularly those ages 18 to 24) stand apart for grasping an assortment of stages and utilizing them often. Some 78% of 18 - 24-year-old youths use Snapchat,…

Sep 15
5 Tips for Online Student Learning Success

Have a schedule and manage your time wisely Keep a semester and a weekly calendar. On the first day of class, read the course syllabus and enter all the dates in your to-do list, along with reminders for the due dates. Try to study or participating in your online class/learning for at least 2-3 times […]