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The Growth of EdTech

As we have noticed the decline of face to face teaching in the current circumstances, EdTech or online education is considering picking up its pace. We have noticed how time and again the traditional model of teaching has been condoned and criticized in the current circumstances, consequently, our belief on those methods are extensively declining. The Covid-19 outbreak has encountered many institutions to suffer. In order to gain their momentum again many institutions are highly depending upon online platforms. Similarly, public and private educational institutions struggled at first with the sudden closure of all academic activities.

Our teaching methods were never centric to technology, hence we thought that it could be that viable option for our educational institutions. However, the systems which were far from engaging in technology, now cannot work without tech-solutions. The times have really drastically changed, we have seen our face to face classrooms transition into online classrooms. If we ever thought of discussing the relevance of EdTech a year ago, the possible conclusion would be far from what if being sketched today. The entire process of teaching has been changed, with students forced to engage themselves in these virtual classes, the sudden dependence on technology has accelerated the growth of EdTech.

All digital platforms are thriving, including EdTech. The sudden increase of the digital penetration of education has helped us the educational institutions drastically. An option which none of us considered to be viable or realistic has become of the best alternative in current circumstances.

The growth of Wi-Fi subscriptions has crossed the average consumption and this has enabled the EdTech industries to flourish even further. Now, parents and students are willingly opting for virtual classes. We have around 250 million students in India and this tells us the importance of the efficient delivery of virtual teachings in today’s time. Its importance and necessity have also made it a well-recognized player with almost every significant online player observing its benefits.

Eminent players-

Has Coronavirus Opened The Doors For Online Education In India? | Inventiva

The sudden acceleration of digital learning has allowed the flourishment of different players in this sector. Earlier, EdTech was never a prosperous venture, however, times have changed and we are seeing a significant dependency of online education. We also see hoe online education is being promoted in many ways and also how it is replacing the traditional methods.

Tuitions and coaching centres are also going online; many students are disconnecting their association with tuition teachers, continuing their studies with the help of BYJU, Embibe, Toppr and Testbook. As people have started trusting the online medium of teching, these key players are highly dominating the market.

We have also seen how young kids are encouraged to learn coding and web designing; these unconventional trainings were never given before that too at a young age. Now, with the increase in digital dependency, kids are being trained to flourish in different digital venture which might help them to land up in a prosperous job later.

Applications like BYJU are criticised for their lack of accessibility to everyone. People from rural areas clearly cannot acquire the benefits of these brands because they are heavily priced. Therefore, learning through WhatsApp is considerable increasing. WhatsApp is declared to be the next nig consumer channel; this application is not just used to interact with many people, but also to participate in doing various kinds of business. Due to its accessibility, WhatsApp is highly popular and that’s why, learning through WhatsApp is picking up its pace.

Is this popularity long-term?

Study questions effectiveness of online education for at-risk students

The biggest question we have right now is how long do we need to depend upon different online platforms in order to study. Also, will these industries flourish after the lockdown is completely lifted? That is something to about.

No doubt, online mode of teaching has been very beneficial, but we cannot deny the fact that it has been widely criticized. The countless hours of screen-time have consecutively increased the level of stress among students. Similarly, we also cannot neglect the fact that this mode of teaching is very elitist and not everyone can reap its benefits.

It has brought in a number of issues and made schooling very exclusionary, the disadvantaged groups are suffering to receive education. So, do we need a system which is only limited to a set groups of people? Those who do not have access to the internet are suffering a deep loss in accessing education and their prosperous peers are developing.

EdTech Illustration on Behance

Online education is still one of the most reliable forms of education in the current circumstances, the big players are motivated that they are going to consume the digital market and will make a long-term impact. With a considerable dependency upon online coaching and classes, these players are sure that this mode of teaching is irreplaceable even after things get back to being normal.

We have seen the students who struggled to adjust with their virtual classes have gotten very used to it now. Now, will online learning can replace classroom learning? That only time can tell.

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