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How COVID-19 will change the class 12th study pattern?

In this article, we will go through some of the points which will shed some light on the impacts on how COVID-19 changes class 12th study pattern that has affected their lives severely. HOW COVID-19 WILL CHANGE THE CLASS 12th STUDY PATTERN? The novel Corona Virus, also known as the COVID-19 pandemic, is showing its worse face every day. Not only the education sector, but the daily life activities have been put on a hold abruptly on a sudden note. Here is article on How COVID-19 will change the class 12th study pattern?

This has led to some of the serious changes which were not seen for so many years. Not only the economy is facing issues, but also the students and their future has been put at stake. This had led to some serious impacts on the students. The severely affected section in the educational sectors is the students of class 10th, 12th, and the final year undergraduates programs as well as the post-graduate students. So, in this article, we will discuss some of the major impacts of how COVID-19 changes class 12th students as well as in their study pattern.  

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Lack of classroom studies

The students who have come to class 12th this year, in other words, the batch of 2020-21, have faced a huge loss in their learning sessions. There is a large number of distinction among students for those who are learning and for those who are not. The classroom learning session is important for class 12th students as a constant vigil is required over them in order to motivate them and help them to perform outstandingly in their studies after class 12th. The reduction in the syllabus has made it difficult for those students who were looking for giving competitive examinations in their future where this course was included. Also, the weak students who required hand-holding have now lost the support of classroom learning which has affected them badly.

No examinations

For those class 12th  students who were about to give their board examinations this year, are facing the loss as well. There are many students who are in depression due to the cancellation of examinations. The main reason behind this is the calculation of their marks. Many students have complained that pre-board examinations are supposed to be like a mock test where they are given a chance to improve for their final examinations. This decision of cancellation has taken away their chance of final performance which will drag down their final marks. This reason has made them come in the circle of depression and anxiety. Also, they have become demotivated as their hard work of the whole year did not get the result which was supposed to be based on their final moment.

No New opportunities

The students of class 12th who were of batch 2019-20 are facing depression and de-motivation to a new level. The major reason for this is that their results will not be on the basis of their final hard work and will lead to problems of admission in their dream colleges and other institutions. There is also a loss for those students who were looking for professional courses after class 12th as no new professional course openings are released this year yet due to which the students are tensed about their future. One year of gap in studies has impacted not only the brilliant students but also the other ones as the career of all the students have been put to hold and they may have to face the problems in the future as well.


Depression is the most seen in the students of class 10th and 12th. It includes the batches of both the years, i.e., of 2019-20 and 2020-21. The reason behind this depression is the lack of opportunities and their career in the dark road. Corona Virus, or COVID-19, has led to the cancellation of examinations for the 2019-20 batch whereas it has led to the reduction in the syllabus of the upcoming batch, i.e., of 2020-21. The problem of depression has also led to the negative vibes in the minds of the students which has even led to the drastic steps taken by some of the students. These drastic steps have even led to the situation of suicide. Even though the classes and the counselling sessions are taking place continuously but the situation has not been improved much.


Those students who are good in studies are in depression and are facing anxiety issues due to the fact that the sudden cancellation of the examinations has led to the removal of the bar of different categories of students which were stood based on the hard work of children. All these reasons and several other effects have an adverse impact on the lives of the class 12th students at a crucial point.

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