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How to crack JEE Entrance Exam After 12TH

Joint Entrance Examination main, also known as JEE Main, is a national level entrance examination, conducted twice in a year, which decides admissions to engineering programmes for undergraduate level, offered by mainly 31 NITs, 26 IIITs and 29 CFTIs. Those who want to pursue engineering in their further studies, go through this entrance exam. Here is article on How to crack JEE Entrance Exam After Class 12th

A major issue for those who want to crack the JEE entrance exam after 12th nowadays which creates barriers for students in achieving good results and be an all-rounder is the lack of strategy. Today, we are going to discuss some strategies for cracking the JEE Entrance Exam after class 12th in the below section.

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Full study package

You can go for the study package if you want to prepare well or want to study more and more concepts with a thorough revision. You can buy the study material online or if you do not want to buy, just focus on specific standard books such as H.C. Verma and so on. You need to keep this in your mind that you need to read what is pertinent. Do not read too many books as it may hamper your concepts. So go for systematic study rather than a wide study as it will help you to do target study rather than a huge study.

Analysis of everything

An analysis is one of the most important things that you need to do constantly. You need to first analyse how much you need more practice, then what are your weaknesses and finally how to overcome them. If you are having problems regarding any topics or you are unable to understand any topic or weak in grabbing its concept, you need to accept the fact that not everything can be as simple as the proliferation of 2. Things are difficult also and you cannot understand everything. So what you need to do is that you need to analyse the strength and weaknesses of yours and work on that accordingly. If your Maths is strong but chemistry is weak, then you require to accept it and put more hard work into that subject.


Self-motivation is what is most required to crack your JEE entrance exam. Since a lot of commands is required to crack the examination with good scores, you need to make sure that you are always confident and dedicated. What you need to do is to understand the fact that there is a major requirement of being self-motivated and you need to stay consistent, confident and dedicated. JEE Entrance Exam is considered to be a tough examination which requires a lot of consistency and self-motivation. If you stay self-motivated until the end of time,  you will be able to crack the JEE Entrance Exam for sure.

NCERT bible

Yes, you saw it right. NCERT books are a bible to clear this examination. Almost 90 per cent of concepts is based on NCERT Concepts and thus, it makes it a bible for this examination. JEE Entrance Examination focuses on Physics, Chemistry, Maths. Before going to any advance level, you need to focus on the basics. These basics can be covered through NCERTs. If you are unable to access all the NCERT books, then try to manage and collect as much as possible and refer to other CBSE Board books. Only after you complete NCERT, go for further reference books.


Communication is what is expected from you to get a complete grasp over all the concepts. As I have already suggested to you earlier that you need to analyse yourself and accept the fact that you cannot learn each and everything by thinking that you have already a command over it. There are some topics which are difficult and somewhere you feel that it is easy because you have a good grip over it. So for those concepts where you find doubts and cannot solve the questions, you can communicate with your mentors or friends in order to get the concepts. JEE Entrance Exam is certainly a difficult exam but you can pass with flying colors only if at the initial stage, you learn about how to clear your doubts and overcome your difficulty.

Get over the drop idea

It might feel a bit overboard to you that you can crack the JEE Entrance Exam without dropping one year of yours but yes it is very much apparent and in our ability. Many of such students are there who clear this examination with a good ranking without dropping their year. Dropping your year only means more consumption of time and money than required. This preparation can be done within the time period that you get after your board exams. If you give yourself the license of one year, you will not only forfeit hope and assurance but also lose your chances of cracking the JEE Entrance Exam day by day.

Challenge the challenges

Last but not least is to keep in mind that cracking JEE Entrance Examination is indeed a challenge. But if you have the will and the determination to clear this exam, you need to challenge this challenge by making up your mind that yes you cannot lose this challenge. If you wake up this spirit, then no one can stop you from getting what you want. Not only just JEE Entrance Examination but any other competitions, you will win and will reach to your destination. Here you find all basic points and strategies for cracking the JEE Entrance Exam after class 12th in the below section:

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