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Importance of moral science for class 10th students

In this article, we will discuss some of the points which will highlight the importance of moral science for class 10th students. IMPORTANCE OF MORAL SCIENCE FOR CLASS 10th STUDENTS. It is said that the schools are like a second home to the child. Have you ever thought about why? One of the main reasons behind that is the teaching of basic values which are needed to be inculcated in the mind of a child so that he is able to grow as a wise man and do good not only for some people but for the whole society. Being a human being, we need to have a good mentality towards the use of resources as well for those who stay with us and support us all the time.

Class 10th is a period which is considered as one of the major turning points in one’s life which require the teaching of many points and values in order to make them one of the best and the wisest human beings in this society. A school is a place where the students learn this all. But why only school? The answer to this lies in the fact that there are certain values and norms which you only learn when you are living and experiencing that environment. Some things are taught through experience and not just through books. So, below we are going to look forward to some of the things which will highlight the importance of studying moral science as a subject, especially in class 10th.


moral science

Behaviour is the first and the foremost aspect of any person which is displayed in the outer world. You are usually judged based on how you behave. Class 10th includes those students which are going through a tender age and get shaped in the way in which they are molded. So, inculcating the proper ethics into a child can be best done when they are going through this tender age. This reason signifies the majority of the reasons why moral science holds so much importance in the lives of class 10th students. Therefore, you should not take it lightly.

Values and ideals

What do you think values and ideals actually are? The values and ideals are those principles on which a person stands and performs each one of his actions. There are values that do not get into a child’s life just by making them read through the books. Each and every person holds a unique set of his own values and ideals. Class 10th is a period when the students learn new things as well as develop new skills in themselves. It is an age of curiosity as well as the age of development. So, helping the students at such age to set their goals and values in their lives is carried out effectively through reading this subject.

Truth and Justice

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Truth and Justice are two things which are not just the principles in the lives of common people, but also the two pillars of democracy under the extensive umbrella of the judiciary. There are periods when these skills hold value in their lives. It is said that whatever you do, comes back to you. If you do wrong to a person, you will definitely not be happy. To make sure that these ethics are inculcated in the lives of the students at an early age where they are able to understand its value, moral science holds an important place in the lives of class 10th students.



You must have heard about Honesty many times under the lines ‘Honesty is the Best Policy’ and ‘We should always be honest and truthful to keep our paths clean’. But from where have you heard these lines? Yes, from school, under your moral science subject. Moral science helps you to understand the value of honesty by making you read different stories, instances, poems, and rhythms. Class 10th students are at that point where they are open to learning different values as well are mentally developed to understand its importance. Thus, it makes moral science a necessary part of the lives of class 10th students.



Confidence issues are counted among some of the most common issues which can be seen in most of the students. The reason for the lack of confidence is that you have lacked your attention at the time when you were taught about some of the most important values which you should have in your life. If you miss these points while the period of learning goes on, you face issues like lack of confidence, lack of determination, and so on.


Critical and analytical thinking

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Critical and analytical thinking is a very popular skill which most of the students want to have in themselves. Moral science is a subject that helps you to develop these skills if you listen to it with full concentration. Class 10th is an age where the importance of critical and analytical thinking starts to reflect. So, if you want to have this skill in yourself from the initial period only, then you need to focus on this subject as well as this is a key to help you develop these skills.


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