10 recommended online courses for every 10th class student

Students in the 10th class are often burdened with more than they can handle. They can engage in plenty of activities to take their mind off school and exams. Recreational time is all about relaxing and having fun, but it is all the better if you make it productive. Learning new skills and lessons (not your average classes) hurts no one and can be a new enjoyable experience. Here, we list some online courses that 10th class students can take to enhance and enlighten themselves while having fun.

Online Courses

Coaching classes

Perhaps the most important aspect of academic life for students in class 10th is the coaching classes for their future. There are plenty of students who start their preparation for competitive exams as early as the class 6th. While that is not exactly ideal, it is a good practice to allow yourself to familiarize yourself with the kind of content you will be coming across. Not only will it help you in scoring better whenever you do write your Entrance exams, but it will also increase your overall knowledge about your subjects which is a bonus for your class 11th and 12th. Plenty of such courses are available on various platforms like Khan Academy, Byjus, LinkedIn learning, etc.

Business communication

Students are so engrossed in scoring well in other subjects that they often forget about English completely. Many students do not even open their books a night before the exam because they were busy preparing for other subjects. While those subjects play an important role in higher classes and College, it is ultimately good language and communication skills in a formal manner that lead you to the path of success. Many of these courses are free across many platforms like Udemy and Coursera which will enhance your workplace communication skills because believe it or not, you will need it in life. This is one of the best online course which you can learn after class 10th.

Career Hacking

Until they are in the final year of their undergraduate program, students do not realize the importance of building a strong and unique resume. When the time comes for it, they usually end up copy-pasting and editing information from someone else’s work. This lacks originality and many times; students miss opportunities due to lack of effort. This course is available on Udemy and students will learn essential skills like building a proper resume and CV as well as making tips to make their LinkedIn profile stronger.

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Fundamental Math

Whether or not you are an aspiring Mathematician, Mathematics is a skill that is required in everyday life even after you finish schooling. While calculators and machines exist to do the hard work for us, it is always a good practice to have a stronghold on basic principles of the subject that you will need in your day to day life no matter what you do or what you study.

Accounting & Finance

One day, all students will grow up and start saving money, start working a job, start paying taxes, start claiming, or paying off loans. You might think it’s early to acquire such skills but considering that you won’t be a student your whole life, and you’re going off to college in just a few years it is advisable to take an accounting course online just for the know-how of things. You do not really have to maintain records as such, just learn the proper way of keeping track to help with your present and future endeavors.

Journalism or Writing

While applying for colleges, universities, jobs, or internships, there will come a time in your life where you will have to pen a professional email. With so much at stake, you cannot afford to make petty mistakes such as ‘there’ for ‘their’. Good writing skills up your game; therefore, it is essential to invest some time in it. Many writing courses can be found on EdX, Coursera and Udemy.

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Subject related courses

A little effort from the student’s side goes a long way. Whether they are taking the course to clear their doubt, have an upper hand, or learn something new, it is always a good idea to do some self-study away from what your school teaches you. Such courses are specifically designed for various curriculums are available on Toppr, Meritnation, Vedantu, etc.

Art and Design

It may sound silly to invest your valuable time into courses that can be hobbies, but all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Studies show that engaging your mind in creative activities such as art increases the overall performance of your brain. This is one of the best online course which you can learn after class 10th.

Computer skills

Basic computer skills are a part of every job description in these times. Being exceptionally skilled in your field but having 0 knowledge on how to work a computer can be the reason for failure and embarrassment. Steer clear from such encounters and avail some engaging courses on various YouTube channels as well as Udemy and Vedantu.

online courses for 10th

Time management courses

Students often fail to realize the importance of time even upon constant instructions. Time management courses help you not only in your academic life but also in your personal life. They teach you the value and importance of doing things on time, being on time, and so on. Investing a little time in such courses will save you plenty of time in the future.

A lot of these courses are available on almost all platforms like Udemy, Byjus, Coursera, Unschool, Shaw Academy, Vedantu, etc. You just have to find one that fits your requirements best. Hope you find the best list of some online courses that 10th class students can take to enhance and enlighten themselves while having fun.


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