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Top Alumni
  • Mr. Karan Jumani, Alumni (2000-2004), R & D Engineering Manager, Knowles Corp, USA.
  • Ms. Mayuri S, Alumni (2006-2010), Scientist (Raman Research Institute),& Postdoctoral Scholar (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
  • Mr. VINU J, Alumni (2007-2011), Research Intern NVIDIA Research Labs, California,& Ph.D. Candidate, School of Computing, University of Utah
Training & internships

An exclusive Internship Cell was established by CMR Institute of Technology in the year 2018

The purpose of this cell is to assist the students in finding quality national and international internships and process students applications for internships in Government sectors. The cell also initiates in arranging visits to explore inter departmental internship opportunities.

Duration of Internship
Minimum duration of 4 weeks

Is Internship mandatory?
It is mandatory that student has to complete the internship. If any student fails to complete internship, he/she will not be eligible for the award of degree. In case of non-completion of internship, the student has to redo the internship.

Academia - industory Connect
  • Infosys Campus Connect:


To build a sustainable partnership with engineering education institutions in India and abroad for mutual benefit to produce “industry ready” recruits.
To enhance the quality and quantity of the IT talent-pool to sustain the growth of the IT industry itself.

Establishment of Campus Connect:
Launched by Infosys in May 2004, CC is a unique academia-industry initiative to “architect the education experience”.

CMR Institute of Technology has been associated with Infosys Campus Connect Program, with effect from 2007.

Benefits to Faculties and Students:

Infosys conducts “train the trainer program” on various technologies including Foundation level, Advanced level and soft skills.
Infosys provides training to faculties so that they can equip students for placement drives.

Admission Open 2023