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Hostel For Male

Our college had a large space of hostel rooms are available. In a room can be shared by 3 students. Food also provided in very good manner and they maintain clean rooms and bathrooms for students. Our hostel room has one TV per room

Hostel Fees per semester
  • Hostel Fees (Male)
    72k - 84k
  • Hostel Fees (Female)
    72k - 84k
Hostel For Female

It's 84000 for ac rooms and 72000 for non-ac rooms the food is good. Taste is okay. You get non-veg every day. Water comes all the time. WiFi is also there. Regularly cleaning is done in the rooms. The bathroom is also clean and neat and properly maintained. The washing machine is also provided.

Training & internships

Guru Nanak College Training and Placement Department is providing the road map to success to the young dynamic youth. It is identifying the missing link and bridging the gap between institution and industry. The college provides ample opportunities to the students to portray their talents in the best way to get the prospective jobs through recruiters. The current trends in the industry will be updated to the students by experts, professional consultants and proficient leaders form the industry by organizing lectures, seminars and workshops periodically. The students are equipped with soft skills such as personality development, oral and presentation skills, language and communication skills, workplace communication skills, computing skills, life skills etc. in order to show case their ability with potential. The Emphasize would be on Training Specifically to Interview Etiquettes, Group Discussion, Body Language and so on.

  • Career awareness programmes are being organized every year to let students know how to find that in what areas they are good at, to give awareness to them with the current requirements of market and to let them know about
  • Career Guidance is provided throughout the year as one to one and groups at a large, as a comprehensive, developmental program designed to assist individuals in making and implementing occupational choices. The students will develop to make mature and informed decisions to manage their careers. The guidance helps the students to reflect on their ambitions, interests, qualifications, and abilities.
  • Career Opportunities are identified for the particular job that may be a stepping stone to achieve the ambitions of the students. The placement cell provides a window of potential opportunities by helping the students to determine the tasks and to inculcate the greater sense of responsibility for identifying and managing their own career.
  • Mock Interviews are the ways to find the hidden talents of the students. The placement cell is conducting mock interviews every so often to help the students to reduce their anxiety about interviewing. This will help the students to boost their confidence. The students will perform a few dry runs before they actually appear for an interview