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Hostel Fees per semester
  • Hostel Fees (Male)
    1500–1800/- per month on average
  • Hostel Fees (Female)
    1500–1800/- per month on average
Top Alumni
  1. Rituparno Ghosh
  2. Kunal Basu
  3. Onir
  4. Saroj Ghose
  5. Anupam Roy
  6. Badal Sircar,
  7. Subir Raha
  8. Manabendra Nath Roy
  9. Ipsita Biswas
  10. Syed Samsuddin Ahmed
Training & internships

Objectives and benefits of the short term internships
The internship program during the UG and PG courses is an opportunity for a student to
familiarize himself/herself with the environment of the industry/research organization. This
program has been in existence for a long time, but now the regulatory bodies and industries are
giving more importance on this internship program and they have even advised it to be a
compulsory component in the curricula.
While the Training and Placement Officer would take initiatives and co-ordinate in arranging the
internship programs, the initiatives of the HODs, Directors of the Schools and Faculty Members
are also desirable. However, the internship program may not be arranged for all the students
and is not mandatory for the completion of the program. Further, the concerned
Departments/Schools/OPT cannot be held responsible in case the internship cannot be
arranged for a student.

Placement Stats 2019
  • Companies Visiting
  • Highest Package
    INR 29 LPA