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Top Careers in Biotechnology in India after 12th

Students with a science background, especially students who go for both Math and Biology have several career options laid out for them. They can choose to become an Engineera Doctor, pursue a Ph.D., a Nutritionist, Mathematician, and whatnot. Perhaps the most intriguing option is that of Biotechnology, which combines the essence of all 4 subjects i.e. Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Sure, it may be hectic for two years or so, but the reward is much sweeter and far greater than just simply choosing one main subject. It combines the best of both worlds to build a safer, progressive world. Here is article on Top Careers in Biotechnology in India after Class 12th

When one thinks of Biotechnology, they picture individuals working in a laboratory with a white coat and goggles on, a notepad in hand for jotting observations. But little do they know that there is so much more to Biotechnology than just lab work. In this article, we highlight a few of the wide range of careers in Biotechnology in India after the 12th class.

Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical Engineers have a huge demand in the present day where faster, safer, more convenient ways are required for the diagnosis of diseases or transplant operations. Biomedical engineers produce various equipment, tools, and machines that are used in hospitals such as X-Ray machines, Dialysis machines and can also build mechanical body parts as artificial organs. Since people will continue to get sick, and doctors will need to cure them, the need for proper equipment will always exist. The average salary of a biomedical engineer ranges from 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs per annum in India. If you find yourself not being able to decide what you like more, Maths and Physics or Biology and Chemistry, then this is a job that has each of the two in almost the same ratio.


Biochemists and Biophysicists have similar roles and their work often overlaps. They study the physical and chemical characteristics and basis of living organisms and beings. Anything from research for treatment of Cancer to producing new medicine by studying cells and diseases etc. A Biochemist or a Biophysicist can earn anywhere from 2 to 5 lakes depending on experience. Students who are passionate about research and finding cures to various diseases such as HIV-AIDS or Coronavirus will want to take up this job.

Agricultural Engineer

Agricultural Engineering deals with, you guessed it right, Agricultural. But mainly, food and crop production and processing. They study the pattern and behavior of crops and plants, find, and suggest new and improved methods to yield crop production. With almost 20% of the world’s pollution, starving, and going to bed empty stomach, with famines and poverty affecting every corner of this world, Agricultural Engineers have a huge responsibility to tackle on a social as well as economic level.

Clinical Technician

This is a job closely related to research and development and Biotechnological Technicians, more commonly known as Lab or Clinical Technicians research or assist in the research of other scientists to conduct various experiments because of their extensive knowledge in biology, chemistry, and technology. Their average salary is around 2 lakhs per annum. From this, you can make a career in biotechnology in India after the 12th.


Microbiology deals with the study and research of microorganisms. Their job profile consists of studying various micro-species such as bacteria and viruses, how it affects the human population and the world, finding possible cures for parasites, etc. Because of the dawn of the novel Coronavirus, there is a huge demand for microbiologists across the globe. Microbiologists in India earn around 4 lakhs per annum as a fresher with the salary increasing 2 times by gaining 3-4 years of experience.


Epidemiology is the foundation of public health. This may or may not be a government job and deals with the numbers, patterns, and statistics of health, wellness, diseases, etc. in the human population. An epidemiologist’s job deals less with Biology and more with mathematics and statistics, so if you find yourself more inclined towards math, this can be the right fit for you. Their average salary in India is 5 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum. From this, you can make a career in biotechnology in India after the 12th.

Biomedical scientists

Without biomedical scientists, doctors would be at a loss. Biomedical Research deals with the human body and its interaction with other organisms, particularly the ones that cause disease and sickness. They also find new ways to counter these diseases by developing new strategies and producing new medicine.

Animal Scientist

Animal Scientists are to Animals what Biomedical Scientists are to humans. They essentially have the same job but for different species of the animal kingdom. Some Animal Scientists also study the possible effects of cross-breeding and how to maximize the production of farm animals or poultry farms. From this, you can make a career in biotechnology in India after the 12th.

Students need to qualify 12th grade with Physics, Chemistry, Math, and Biology as their core subjects and earn an Undergraduate Degree to start their profession in the Biotechnological field. You can choose to go for a Postgraduate program as well if you want to take a step higher.

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