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What after 12th – Sol or Regular college?

In this article, we will discuss some of the options which students can choose for college selection after class 12thWhat to choose after class 12th SOL College. There is a huge confusion among students about what college they can choose which is best for their career path. You should go through some of the tips and features of the particular colleges and their types before applying for it. Here is article on What after 12th – Sol or Regular college?

There are some of the requirements which are to need to be seen so that you get an option for what you can do better in order to select what is right and best for you. So, below we will go through some of the most popular choices, i.e. SOL and Regular College part. Therefore, let us go through some of the features and advantages of the particular roads which are similar yet different in its own aspects.

Easier Education Structure

There is no doubt that the education structure is different from the regular college structure. Even though it is not entirely different, but the basic parts are definitely changed. The SOL College curriculum is different and comparatively easier than the regular college because of the different situations such as not regular classes and circumstances of students.

More Time to study

It is true that you get more time to study because there are no regular classes just like in regular college and does not have any long time constraint issue. This acts as an advantage as it gives the student more time to study. It becomes indeed a very helpful factor for those who are preparing for some other things as well such as coaching for competitive examinations.

Approved by UGC

There is no need to worry by opting for this path, i.e. School of Open Learning, in short SOL, as it is also approved by UGC and is similar to that of a regular college degree. It is equivalent just as of a regular degree and is equally approved by the University Grants Commission, also known as UGC in short.

No regular classes

There is no worry about the time constraint as there are no longer regular classes on a daily basis just like the regular college. This helps you to focus on other things that you can do simultaneously such as coaching for future competitive examinations or part-time jobs as a source of income.


There is a very nominal charge of the SOL college and courses due to the minimum number of classes due to which the tuition fees reduce down. It is less costly as compared to the regular college due to less number of classroom sessions and the other participatory activities.

Study as per your own way

This is a huge advantage for the correspondence course students as they get the choice to study the way they want. A particular syllabus is provided to them along with the books and references and the students get their own choice to study the way they want and not follow a particular teacher’s writing and notes format.

Social interaction

This is what you get while going to a regular college. Most of the students seek for regular college by thinking of it as a vibe which they get by going into a college where they will be able to meet the students from different regions and areas. The social interaction rate is very high in regular college.

Source of Constant Motivation

Regular college is like a source of constant motivation where people get the chance to motivate themselves to indulge in new and different activities to enhance their skills. You get the motivation to study at your own pace while enjoying your life after class 12th which helps you to develop your priorities skills.

Own Recognition

Regular college, after class 12th, has its own recognition and degree. The degree is approved by UGC, in most of the cases of different universities, and is equivalent to or higher than the diploma courses. This helps the student for better placement opportunities in the future.

Plethora of fields and streams

There is a huge plethora of streams and specializations after class 12th under the regular college umbrella as it provides different courses, many known and many unknown as well. This is what lacks in the correspondence courses as there is a limited choice to choose from.

Better Placements

There is a higher value of regular college degree at the time of placements as the hard work as well all the activities and skills which you have done and gained respectively is counted and kept in observation during the time of placements. There is a separate placement cell as well for regular students. However, a similar cell is also made for the SOL courses.

Exposure to the real world

Not to mention, you start to see the real world as soon as you get into the regular college. Coming out from the shadow of your parents and a routine school lifestyle which was earlier the whole surrounding for you and made the 90 percent of your world gets changed and you start to learn about new skills, fields, opportunities, requirements, personality development and so on.

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