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8 tips on charted accountant after 12th

CA (Chartered accountant) is one of the most difficult exams to crack, this is one of the most known fields as well as career options to pursue. CA (Chartered accountant) is valued a lot in our society, it is considered to be one of the most respectable careers. There are various job opportunities in this field. Further, in Chartered Accounting you can work in- Financial Advisor, Internal Auditing, Forensic Auditing, Tax Auditing, Taxation Advisory, and Bookkeeping, etc. The salary of a chartered accountant is great, even for freshers. Here is article on 8 tips on charted accountant after Class 12th

The salary usually depends on the person’s qualifications and experiences. Still the approx. salary amount for the freshers is INR 7 Lakh, and with experience, it slowly and gradually increases. There are 8 tips to be able to pass a CA (charted accountant) after 12th.

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Be Attentive

Being attentive is proven to be the most effective yet accurate way of understanding any lessons easily. Giving attention and focusing is what helps students in life. To be attentive you need to get rid of all the unnerving distractions, anything that distracts you should be forgotten, or simply avoid it. In this generation, parents point out that the phone is said to be a huge distract, friends are also a huge distraction, etc. Taking a quick short 25 mins break should do the trick of cheering you up as well as clear your mind so that you don’t exhaust your brain after studying a lot. Giving all your attention and concentration towards your studies is important. So, be attentive and focus on your goal.

Think Practically

Thinking practically avoids a mishap or a future misunderstanding. When you are studying for your CA (Chartered Accountant) exam; you are going to be stressed a lot and you may find it a little difficult to manage, so there are going to be many negative thoughts that may come in your way. But the best way to rip the bandage off and pass this exam is by not giving up. Think positively and forget the negativity and whenever you feel like you can’t study take a break as recommended before, then sit tight and read it again and then go to sleep. This tip helps you to be a charted accountant after the 12th.

Managing time

Managing your time helps you not only in your exams but also in real life. Time-Management is necessary for all aspects of life. When you manage your time, you can finish a lot of your work done without having to study all the time. You are able to free up your time after studying, to do things you love and enjoy. You can have the satisfaction of achieving all your accomplishment of getting your work done. By managing your time, your work is finished easily and when you know what to do and how to do it you are truly satisfied with what you find as your result.

Solve your doubts

Solve your doubts prior to your exams obviously, but this helps you avoid misunderstandings and gives space to remember new information or knowledge.

Re-read your notes

It helps students when they revise their notes on a day to day basis, it also helps the students, when during their exams if they really need to recall something that they read long ago. When you have a lot of information on your mind and you need to remember, then revising daily works. This gives you an opportunity to pass without any problems and with ease. It doesn’t really mean that you don’t have to study before the exam, it’s just helped so you don’t get stuck in between your exam. So, make sure that you revise in advance for your sake. This tip helps you to be a charted accountant after the 12th.

Keep a track of your progress

Keeping a track of your progress helps in a lot of ways it helps you stay aware and on your toes. You can use this technique for all your routines to be a step ahead and on time. Keeping a track of your progress also teaches you how to manage your time and maintain a good understanding record. If you study everything all at once, it is highly impossible and hard to remember everything so it’s better than if you go slowly and steadily you will win the race, this will also help you keep a track of what you studied so far and when you had studied that particular topic.

Past Papers

Past papers are a really great way of understanding how you need to study and what can you prepare to study beforehand. Past papers guide you easily and effectively towards passing your exam. Sometimes, the questions are repeated as well so you have an advantage if you had learned that particular question. Doing past papers of CA (Chartered Accounts) also gives you confidence and motivation to pass. It increases your speed in writing and reading as well as teaches you how to manage your time accordingly.

Speak to your seniors

This helps you to avoid the mistakes your seniors made and learn from them quickly. This also gives you an opportunity to network more and get to know more people.

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