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9 career tips in Bachelor of Financial Markets after 12th

“We don’t have to be smarter than the rest, we have to be more disciplined than the rest.”- Warren Buffett. Financial Market is a particular market place where trading and innovating of certain financial assets, these assets usually consist of bonds, debentures, currencies, derivatives, and shares, etc. It helps create a bridge between the people who save money and people who invest the money (investors), by giving, sharing, and taking of funds. It plays a vital role in the country’s economy and increases the overall capital. This type of market (Financial Market) gives people an opportunity to trade on this platform, for the buying and selling process. There is a need to have daily communication between the investors and the buyers as this also helps in contemplating what price needs to be suggested as per the demand and supply ratio. There are 4 types of financial markets- The Bond Market, the money market, the ownership market, and the derivatives market, these are the four keys in the financial market which you can pursue after 12th. In this article, you will find the  9 career tips in Bachelor of Financial Markets after Class 12th.

A financial market is the kind of the source which save a lot of time, money and save resources by not looking for sellers or buyers so financial market also reduces the risk factors for the investors by protecting them, due to financial market transaction works easily and smoothly without any interruptions and problems. Financial marketing works simply they help the company connect with people who have enough funds to invest. In this article, you will find the career tips in Bachelor of Financial Markets after 12th.

Why is the financial market Important?

As said before, the financial market plays an important role in increasing the country’s capital. They help attract investors which again helps build infrastructures and other necessary resources as well as business. The financial market also reduces the cost of the transaction which is helpful to many people whose transactions are usually online. The financial market also assists you in determining where you should invest your money and where you shouldn’t invest. Insurance companies need this the most as they need to give people their insurance money when they are going through some crisis.

This also allows the companies to easily hire people and grow the company if they have people who invest money. The financial market also helps global trade as people from all over the world invest in different companies and their economies. Hence, the career financial market is very important and needed in our life.


This course helps students build their practical knowledge in this field through the simple process of management like- In planning, monitoring, directing, organizing, etc. The course focuses on basic economics and their business ethics, it studies deeply in the financial analysis. Students get a holistic knowledge of the financial market which helps them in their future jobs, it teaches them how to lend the deposit money to those who need it. The students will learn about the market levels and this is helpful for them in various ways. They learn to make money and more money for the country as well as for themselves.


Students can enroll in this course; it is a Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Market. This degree is an undergraduate degree which takes up to 3 years to finish this course. The course fee maybe around 50,000 a year, but it depends on universities. Students can also do this degree in foreign countries if they pass their entrance exam and have enough credits to do so, in foreign universities the opportunity is wide and you can experience their education as well as culture. In this course, people with a background in economics, math, finance is given more attention.


To be eligible to apply for this course you need to be 12th passes with at least 50% to 55% from any recognized universities. There is no particular age limit in this course but it may differ from colleges to colleges. Students should also have cleared their entrance exams – Mumbai University Entrance examAligarh Muslim University entrance exam, or Delhi University Arts Exam.


Some of the top universities to enroll in for a degree in Bachelor’s of Financial Market:

And many more universities. There are many foreign universities which also offer great programs for the same.

Career options

There are many job opportunities like-

  • Financial Analyst
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Financial Manager
  • Financial Risk Manager


Your salary depends on various factors like demographics, qualifications, positions, etc. But the average salary that a person earns is approximately INR 4 Lakh to 6 Lakh.


In short, students learn a lot in this course and get an idea of how the world as well as the economy works. How the trades and shares help the economy? How the demand and supply price is determined? How the Financial market promotes a capital boost in our country’s economy.

So here, you get all the career tips in Bachelor of Financial Markets after 12th. From which you can make your career success in it.

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