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9 tips for a career in BBA after 12th

BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration and is a respectable and in-demand job in the present world. It is disregarded as easy or not rewarding just because it happens to be quite common among fresh graduates. But if you are an aspiring BBA student with a true passion for Business then you need to know what goes on in it, how to set yourself apart from millions of people pursuing the same degree, how to succeed through it etc. Here is article on 9 tips for a career in BBA after Class 12th

Quite obviously, management is a huge part of BBA with students having to study everything from business management to statistics management to personal management. Apart from these, conventional commerce subjects such as accounting and economics, micro and macro, are taught. It is important to note that you must be good with numbers to pursue BBA because there will be a lot of numbers and math play involved. In this article, we mention a few tips to grow your career in BBA after 12th standard.

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Get into a reputed college

Across India, there are thousands, if not lakhs of colleges that promise to provide a sound education in BBA, but it is crucial for students to keep in mind that their college is closely related to their job opportunities so it is important for them to choose a college that provides excellent education as well as sound campus recruitment opportunities. Getting a degree is just a piece of paper if you have no real achievements to back it.

Up your educational qualifications

Just because everyone from Engineers to Artists is pursuing an MBA does not mean you should not. You, being a student from a commerce background, will definitely have an upper hand and you should play this to your advantage by obtaining an undergraduate and postgraduate degree from deemed universities. Also, do not be confined only to what you learn in college. Instead, take extra courses and diplomas to broaden your horizons and learn anything that interests you. This tip helps you to make a career in BBA after 12th.

Work on your communication skills

After successfully securing your degree(s) it is time for you to start looking for a job and working. This is a profession that is vast and no matter what you choose to be: Business Administration Researcher, Statistical Manager, Human Resource Manager, etc., you must possess good communication skills. Whether it is negotiating your way in or out of a deal through email or talking to clients and workers on the phone or holding your meetings in person, it is an important skill required for you at every step of the way.

Work on your networking skills

Meet new people, make new friends, grow your horizons, and use it to your advantage. As part of your job, you will have to woo a lot of clients and businesses to work with you or your firm, and to achieve that you must know the right people to contact, the right people to talk to, the right people to make you profitable and successful. This tip helps you to make a career in BBA after 12th.

Think like an entrepreneur

As mentioned earlier, there is a whole range of job opportunities for a BBA or MBA graduate, this is because they’re well versed with different areas of the field and will work profoundly in just about any job role. This gives them an edge and if you want to, you can use your entrepreneurial skills to your or your firm’s advantage.

Working experience

This is true for every profession but rings louder for BBA students. A lot of what these students study is theoretical and it is recommended that they gain professional experience by working in various firms and organizations before they make big moves such as applying for a high paid position in an MNC. This tip helps you to make a career in BBA after 12th.

Excellent problem-solving skills

Whether it is better administration of the company or better risk analysis or better bookkeeping, BBA professionals often need to think out of the box to provide quick, easy, effective solutions for the overall betterment of their organization. To do so, they must possess commendable problem-solving skills and the ability to come up with a sound solution.

Be open to different job roles

You do not have to stick to administration or management roles all your life. By achieving a degree in BBA, you pave multiple paths for yourself and can get into a variety of job roles if you find them up to your strengths and abilities. Maybe you have always had a thing for accounting, in such a case, you can choose to become a Financial Manager with other accountants and bookkeepers working for and reporting to you. The choices are endless.

Find something that drives you

While we did mention that the choices are endless, it would be foolish to get into a profession that you have no interest in, or have an interest in but are no good at. Do not be blindsided by just your passions, rather, think practically to have a sustainable future.

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