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9 Inspiring Bollywood Movies for class 12th students

student movie bollywood, Cinema, Music is what most students turn to for enjoyment and recreation. Believe it or not, films can have a widespread impact beyond just entertaining the masses. There are plenty of Bollywood movies with some of the biggest names in the show business, and everyone’s favorites who have been part of films that struck a chord in all of us. Here are all about the 9 inspiring bollywood movies  for class 12th students.

Watching is the easiest form of learning and if you are ever in distress, there is a large chunk of Bollywood movies you can devour to get yourself in good spirits and feeling motivated again. In this article, we pick some of student movie bollywood.

I am Kalam

To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal.” This is one of the many, many inspirational words Dr. Kalam has spoken. The missile man of India who inspired so many not just across the country but across the globe. This movie also shares a story of a young boy who comes from a small village in Rajasthan and an impoverished family. The boy begins calling himself “Kalam” due to his awe of the former President of India. The film is a classic tale of the unbroken spirit of a young boy who is eager to learn and also hints at the need for accessible education throughout India, especially for the poor.

3 idiots

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3 idiots movie is worth every penny, so never take it off your watch list. It carefully spins a tale about three men in one of the best Engineering Institutions in the country. Two of these friends barely pass their subjects while the third somehow always scores exceptionally well. It ticks all the right boxes when it comes to stories that urge you to follow your dreams, stories that let you know that exams come and go but you only have one life, so never stress to an extent that is fatal for you. It speaks about how it is important to understand rather than just mugging up. It speaks about doing the unconventional and it sheds light on the mental pressure students often face that leads them to commit suicide. What is great about this film is the fact that all the above plots and issues are explored through comedy. Be prepared to have a belly laugh and get some tissues ready!

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My name is khan

If you ever feel like giving up, in whatever that you are trying to achieve, this is the movie to watch. It can be described using one word alone: Resilience. A man goes against all odds to fulfill his promise to his wife and crosses oceans and deserts to do so. my name is khan is one of the best inspiring movies from Bollywood movies which can inspire 12th students.

Chak de!

Another Shahrukh Khan masterpiece. This is a story about the Indian women’s hockey team and their formerly defamed coach. This movie can be especially inspiring for women as throughout the film we see different circumstances that pull the women back but despite all that, they keep plodding on and bring glory to themselves, their coach, and their country.


Udaan, meaning “Flight” is a touching Bollywood film that is an underrated gem. It deals with concepts of failure, conflicting emotions, and pursuit of passion. With strong acting, and characters played beautifully by two young actors the film also deals with facing your oppressors and daring to start over in life.

English Vinglish

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There is no age limit when it comes to learning. Sashi is just another homemaker in the Indian household but when the family vacations to the United States, she finds the courage to learn how to speak English by sneaking from her family every day to go to her classes. The film talks about never giving up, and gives an entrepreneurial perspective to life, indirectly urging the viewers to be their own business. English Vinglish is one of the best inspiring movies from Bollywood movies which can inspire 12th students.

Wake up Sid

Lazy, spoiled brat fails his exams and slowly realizes the importance of being mature and responsible in life when he moves out of his father’s home and starts to earn for a living. It is an honest portrayal of student life and how you must face the consequences of slacking off too much. It aims to instill the values of responsibility among the viewers.

Bhaag Milka Bhaag

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A story about the flying Sikh of the nation, Milka Singh who has brought many honors to his country including the first-ever commonwealth gold medal in track racing. It is a film about failure and success, and how in the end, it is only hard work that pays off. It also requires a humane side as many snippets of war-torn India are portrayed throughout the film brings to light the millions of innocent lives that were lost due to the partition. Bhaag Milka Bhaag is one of the best inspiring movies from Bollywood movies which can inspire 12th students.

student movie bollywood student movie bollywood student movie bollywood student movie bollywood student movie bollywood


Another awe-inspiring film for the crowd, especially the ladies, wherein two sisters combat all societal oppression and norms to realize their father’s dreams for them. The movie speaks about working hard shows that anything is possible as long as you are determined and hardworking and receive good mentorship. Because it is easy to fail without proper guidance.

There are a lot more Bollywood films that can help you find the silver lining but make sure you don’t watch too much of it at once and start wasting your time. Academics must still be your number one priority in class 12th but the above-mentioned films can help to class 12th students find hope, courage to follow their dreams. Visit careerguide now.

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