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Best Jobs For PCB Students Top 10 Career Options for PCB Students

Best Jobs For PCB Students Post 10th standard, all of us arrive at a crossroad, where we need to choose a stream that will determine our profession and eventually, the rest of our lives. While many of us choose Physics, Chemistry, and Maths (PCM), there are many who choose Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) and pursue a profession in the medical field. But unlike engineering, the medical field offers several options to students.In this article, I’ve listed the different possible career options if you have opted for PCB.


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Best Jobs For PCB Students The most common career choice for students opting for PCB stream is to become a doctor. The first requirement is to clear NEET and/or the state medical entrance exams and secure a seat in a medical college. The undergraduate programs – MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery), BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) and BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) are of 5 years.

Upon completion, the student can opt for postgraduate studies for specialization. These include a wide range of careers such as Physiotherapy, Audiology, Occupational Therapy, Medical Lab Technology, Clinical Research, Radiology, etc. The career paths, colleges and opportunities for each of these careers are very vast.


 Best Jobs For PCB Students It is a well-established branch of biology that involves the study of plants, their structure, processes, growths, etc. Those in the field of Botany conduct research and observation to discover new species, study the interactions of plants with different organisms in their environment, genetic formation of plants, etc.With a degree in Botany, you can work in landscape industries, natural resource centres, environmental consultancies, or as a researcher, teacher/professor, taxonomist, horticulturist, nursery manager, and environmental consultant


We all hate pimples! who doesn’t ? Is there even a reason to love pimple ? xD so what about different skin diseases ? Whom will you consider in such cases?Well that’s Dermatologist. Dermatology is the branch that deals with skin diseases and disorder, apart from skin this branch deals with hair, scalp and nail diseases as well. A person who is an expert in this branch is been called a dermatologist.

Dermatology is one of the highly competitive field which requires a lot of educational qualification.After completing 12th with PCB you need to go for a bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery (MBBS) and after MBBS you can go for master’s degree course in dermatology or doctor of medicine in dermatology.In India, a dermatologist can easily earn around 6 lakhs per annum and with experience, they can earn more than that.

B.Sc. in Biotechnology-

B.Sc. Biotechnology is an undergraduate course that is designed to endow students with a strong foundation and concepts in the subject. The duration of the course is three- years which is offered in semester format. A candidate can complete the course in six semesters. The three years course covers concepts of cellular and bi- medical processes and studies them using modern technologies.

B.Sc. Biotechnology courses develop analytical skills of candidates and find solutions for advancement in medicine and health. Major topics that are covered in B.Sc Biotechnology include genetics, biomolecules (plants and animals), cell biology, immunology, etc. The course mainly focuses on the study of biological systems and the use of technology for the advancement of life.

Environmental Science

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The study of environmental science is interdisciplinary intellectual fields that include Physical, Biological, and Information Science to the study of environment and provide enough solutions to environmental problems. Topics such as Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Physics, Social, and Earth & Marine Sciences are covered under the course.

Environmental science is an essential field in the current world, and involves the study of the physical, chemical and biological components of the environment and their interactions. Environmental scientists investigate environmental issues such as global warming, ozone depletion, waste management, water pollution, etc., and how these issues can be dealt with.


It is the study of microscopic organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses etc. and their interactions with humans, animals, plants and other organisms in the environment. Microbiologists research and investigate how different microorganisms affect our lives. It consists of various subfields such as virology, bacteriology, parasitology, mycology etc.

Typical employment opportunities include clinical researcher, research scientist, lab technician, quality control, working in pharmaceuticals, health sector, food industries, breweries, distilleries, agriculture, etc.


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Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) is the second most opt course after MBBS in India. It’s equivalent to MBBS and gives you “Dr” tag in your name.In this course, students are taught about dental problems (problems related to teeth) and dental surgery.We all have dental problems once in our life and therefore there is a lot of scope of BDS in India and foreign countries as well.

If you want to pursue BDS course after class 12th with science stream PCB (physics, chemistry and biology) you need at least 50% (40% for reserved category) to pursue BDS course. In the start, you can earn around Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000 and after gaining some experience you can earn 4 to 6 lakhs easily per annum.


This interesting field involves the study of genes and their functions, genetic variations and heredity of living organisms. Professionals in this field study genetic diseases, anomalies, traits, mutations, how genes are transmitted, interactions of genes with their environment, etc. Geneticists can apply their knowledge to as diverse areas as treating patients with genetic anomalies, to developing pharmaceutical products.

Best Jobs For PCB students related to genetics include becoming a geneticist, immunologist, cytogeneticist, forensic DNA analyst, medical technologist, geneticist, pharmacologist, clinical research associate, research scientist, etc.


Best Jobs For Students any people nowadays have problems regarding back pain, illness, and disability. Joints and knee pains are common these days and if you are the victim of one, then you should consider a Physiotherapist.

Physiotherapist helps people to restore their movement from injury, illness or disability through exercise. 

They help in case of joint pains, back pain and many other problems related to movements.you want to become a physiotherapist then you need to do a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy (BPT) and to do you that you need to be from 12th science PCB stream pass out with a minimum of 50% aggregate in physics, chemistry and biology. 


This field combines together biology, computer science, and information technology. Professionals in this field work on developing and using tools and techniques for analysing biological data. For example, a bioinformatics professional might develop a software for accessing and analysing data from biomedical and pharmaceutical studies.

You can work as a bioinformatics analyst or a developer with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, healthcare organisations, pharmaceuticals and with research agencies after graduating from this field. You can also work as a clinical research associate, bio analyst, or as a medical coder.

Best Jobs For PCB Students For all apprentices living under the misconception that the scope for PCB students is limited, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Besides, MBBS/BDS, there are numbers of other career options that you can pursue.

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